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Good starting skills

I don't know about you guys but I found a great set of skills that works for me. Tell me what you think and share your favorite skill sets too. :)

Botany (Never have to worry about food)
Metabolism (cancelled out by botany)
Insomniac (I just spam the sleep button lol)
Melee (get that awesome pelt in the beginning)
Trapping (make pelt into coat)
Eagle eye (get multitool in beginning)
Mechanic (fix heater at facility)

Works good for me! What do you guys think?

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I usually choose skills related to new content. My current character has Hacking, for example.

Choosing Eagle Eye, which can be obtained later anyway, just to get a single item seems a total waste to me. My usual tour is Cryo Facilty -> Zom Tom's -> Allegan Fairgrounds -> Strange Forest -> Isotope Mine -> DMC, so I don't have a use for the HVAC, and collecting and storing spare parts for shopping/box carts is too cumbersome for the extra space compared to sleds, thus no Mechanic for me. I generally don't like skills which are most helpful at the beginning. If I die at day one I don't lose much. I find the struggle to survive until I find enough clothes and a lighter way more exciting than simply start with a fur cloak and an easy way to make fire. And since hunting, skinning and roasting squirrels is too tedious I don't have a reason to take Trapping.

Botany on the other hand is a must have. I never had the Metabolism trait, maybe I test it with my next character. I formerly used Insomniac, but it's too annoying.

Ranged is another must have and Melee is good, too.

I often use Lockpicking. It only works at some locations, but if it works it increases loot chance greatly, and it is absolutely stealthy (unlike usage of crowbar, Strong or light sources). Athletic is another must have skill.

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Your setup got me thinking. I'll try it my next run and see how I like it. I've never tried hacking or lock picking and I love that he put it in the game so I'll give it a shot.

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My favorite setup goes like this
+Hacking (good for occasional data looting)
+Medic (absolute must)
+Melee (absolute must)
+Strong (absolute must- when paired with Melee makes access to DMC much simpler)
+Tough/Trapping (depends on my mood)
+Botany (makes feeding on the go much simpler)
+Ranged (absolute must- ammo is scarce, so when you shoot every shot must count)

-Metabolism (together with Medic and Tough makes light and medium wounds non-issue. Countered by Botany- just search woods and plains for food)
-Insomniac (just have few sleeping pills with you, and make sure you sleep regularly, since your character is more sleepy, because going in fight against Dogman with shotgun and instead if sure victory, passing out isn't fun)
-Myopia (can be fixed in DMC for 1k$, and if you are lucky enough, Medic can give you money needed from the very beginning- I once found Medkit that had full bottle of antibiotics)

Children's backpack full of bullets? I see nothing wrong in that.

Mine's similar;

+Medic (as you say, essential. One of these days I'll take a run without it to see, but for now not only is the skill useful, you get a container at day dot...)
+Ranged (I don't take Melee, because if you take ranged and they reach melee, you're doing it wrong)
+Botany (Extremely useful. Can be good for loot, too - mushrooms of both kinds have a reasonable value)
+Trapping (more for the combat move than actually trapping, but that helps too)
+lockpicking (Massive increase in loot availability. Can also make lockpicks for sale, making it worth keeping the mechanical bits around. On a side note, remember to take your lockpicks apart and recraft them at 10% condition)
+whatever I feel like running with to try out.

-Metabolism (not really a penalty at all if you have Botany and Trapping - even Botany alone is enough if you spend enough time scavenging to get berries for hydration)
-Myopia (sort of gaming the system, really. If it weren't for surgery, I'd NEVER take this)

I normally don't take Melee or Strong, as they're not necessary (the dogman coat is nice, but you can make fires with trapping to get through the early stages without it, and after that first combat if the enemy gets to Melee you've made a mistake somewhere...) and Trapping gives you free access to the DMC anyway.

I'm still rather new at this. How does trapping give you free access to the DMC?


When trying to acquire the access pass, a special discussion option becomes available. Similar thing happen in most encounters - options available depend on skills known - some might be surprising, but all make more or less sense :D

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I have a somewhat similar skill set. This one works out very well for me. I see little to no drawbacks.

Medic+ I like to have full knowledge of my player's status. I can treat mild to severe wounds and always have an emergency nanobot medical kit.

Melee+ I need the combat powess to be able to survive the wastes. I usually make a spear early on for an easily craftable, deadly weapon.

Strong+ This gives my player the extra buff he needs to face his opponents. My primary use for it is the dogman encounter. I get a free fur coat (classy!).

Trapping+ This is the ultimate survivor skill. I couldn't imagine playing without it. I use this to skin the dogman's corpse in the first encounter. I also get to cure meats, start fires with two sticks, make snares, lure enemies into traps, and gague my alertness level at camp. Certaibly an invaluable skill.

Lockpicking+ This is a great extra skill to have around. Make lockpicks and get more loot. Also more valuable loot from locked sheds.

Hacking+ I decided to go ahead and try this one out recently. I really love it. 50% of the data I collected is highly priced, like bank account data. On average, every other device I find grants $1000 to $7500.

Myopia- This disadvantage isn't too bad. I just see one less hex.

Metabolism- Nutrition and Hydration dwindle a bit faster. I am okay with that.

Insomnia- This is a little annoying. I get 25% less sleep, but I also sleep light so I am alerted when enemies try to sneak up on me... sometimes.

That is it! I hope my skill set helps someone, and if not, well it was fun to share.

Insomniac is a No Problem when you have Sleeping pills
Myopia is easily cancelled out with Optics (Binoculars or a scope) and later on can be removed with Eye surgery

Feeble and Fragile are the worst disabilities so far if you are not careful enough
A LOT of people pick (-)Metabolism just because it Sounds good,Increased water and Food intake and Increased Healing rate! sounds
good right? but actually having a high food and Water intake rate is Bad if you are Planning on NOT using botany!

Trapping is more useful than Botany in My opinion,since you can use it to

Spoiler: Highlight to view
Acquire the Mega city bracelet in the Hatter encounter,for Acquiring an early 100% conditioned shoe in one of the encounters

,Skin/Prepare animals,and Preserve meat that you prepared with ashes from Extinguished flames.Overall Trapping is one of the Best Ability in the game

i don't use Electronic and Mechanic that Often! (Unless i want to do Something with these Abilities or i am bored)

Hacking is one of the Best ways to go if you want to earn cash Quickly since some Data is Worth more than 500$ and i once found a cell phone with $1000+ worth of data inside,sadly i didn't posses the Hacking Ability :(

i guess that is all the opinion i have on the Abilities and Disabilities! cheers! :D

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This build is for killing, surviving an carrying all your victims loot



no trapping for easy coat an fire but trapping useless later, you can make a spear straight away
an kill someone an hopefully get shoes/clothes/bag if you are lucky

New player version

Spoiler: Highlight to view
use melee+strong on wolf encounter an you wont get hurt then take the glass an skin dogman an make coat,
make a spear an a bunch of torches an scavenge the small city to the north use torches to get more loot and kill anyone you see if they are alone an they look like they have loot, spear has 3 range so try to stay at 3 so they cant hit you back in melee, scavenge the woods for berries an eat eat eat

Kit of skills >>>>>> MILITARY :

Tough/Strong ( If you choose strong , no Athletic )

Kit of skills >>>>>> SURVIVOR :

Athletic/ Tracking & Eagle eye

Kit of skills >>>>>> CANNIBAL

Hiding ( Hiding in Cannibal : when you see someone , choose HIDE , top-left and you will be hiden for some 3-2 turns , that's good for knock-out with melee or leg trip )
Eagle eye

Kit of skills >>>>>> THIEF ( to be a real thief , need to be very dumb , because of this , NO medic , or something that need to be smart )

Ranged ( Thieves don't are soo dumb )
Eagle Eye

That Last Point is of your choice , all flaws is of your choice too .

I usually go
-Strong - free coat at beginning if I take trapping also. Otherwise, a good all-around trait, in my opinion. Better melee, carrying capacity, and a special combat move? Yes please.

-Botany - good for free food, and surviving the first encounter. Also, tea.

-Hiding - good for first encounter, avoiding combat, and the strange forest.

-Tracking - Nice for hiding your trail and seeing what is nearby. I don't know about future encounters, but it seems like one that could be useful.

-Trapping - Again, useful for the beginning, first encounter and otherwise. Also useful if you want to be able to carry more loot, and less supplies. And the combat move is useful.

-Metabolism (flaw) - Balanced out with Botany and Trapping, plus the healing side of it can be useful.

But I am trying out a new build, and it is going fairly well so far. It's kinda my "looter" build.

-Strong - Helps in combat for this one, and boosts looting.

-Medic - Monitoring my health, and identifying pills (Found a nearly full bottle of antibiotics, sold half for nearly $500)

-Lockpicking - Boosts looting, and can make lockpicks to sell. I also imagine it will help with encounters later down the line.

-Hacking - Same with lockpicking, really. Never took it before, so I wanted to see how it would work. So far, it's not useful really until you can get your hands on a laptop and some cracking software, and since I'm at the DMC now, that makes it a lot easier.

-Metabolism (flaw) - This is a LOT harder to survive with, not having Botany or Trapping. I had to drink unsterilized water twice (from 1/3 hydration to full) to save myself (and somehow didn't get sick!). I currently am just planning on taking a LOT of water bottles with me.

My next build is probably going to be along these lines;


-Botany - I'm confident enough to know what pills are what for the most part, and I'll be able to avoid most illnesses, since I'll be able to boil water whenever (If I can find so much as a can). And tea. Always tea.





-Metabolism (flaw) - Trapping to balance it out this time!

-Myopia - Simply hoping I can raise enough to get the eye augmentation surgery.

-Insomniac - Sleeping pills. That's currently my only answer.

"Metabolism (flaw) - This is a LOT harder to survive with, not having Botany or Trapping. I had to drink unsterilized water twice (from 1/3 hydration to full) to save myself (and somehow didn't get sick!). I currently am just planning on taking a LOT of water bottles with me."

There is a way around it
0.Carry water tester (optional- you can simply carry one sterile water portion with you)
1.Identify one water portion (identified water stacks with same type unidentified water)
2.Stack it with unidentified water to determine what kind of water is it
3.Drink sterile water, destroy infected/poisoned water.

Children's backpack full of bullets? I see nothing wrong in that.

I had digital water testers is what's funny! 3, to be exact. Not a single battery in any of them, though.

And I didn't find any bottled water.

Hey , Blackrave ! You made a mistake !

If you boiled the water and the water had poison 1/2/3 , doesn't work ! The poison is forever in that water

Only in some lakes, especially those who are close to the DMC, which will stay forever with poison, try to scour the forested that always comes 1/2 water and boil them are the best. Needless to boil them most of these waters is "healthy", even more than you think using botany .

The other " best water " is the water of cities ... in bottles .