Craftable Bolas?

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Craftable Bolas?

I had a dream last night, where my Player crafted a bolas (you know, those with two/three stones at the end of a long string) using two stone and some medium twine. Using it against deer (or Dogmen/Raiders/etc.), it was super effective at making the target fall and remain fallen.

Maybe to balance it out a bit, one can escape from the bolas after five turns (So if someone entangles YOU, you can at least escape instead of waiting for death. Especially if they have a ranged weapon)?

After throwing it, it can be picked up from the ground in the hex in which it was thrown (like arrows, I guess. I dunno, I haven't used a bow before)

>25 Melonheads appeared!
>Get punched probably 75 times by frail and feeble humanoids
>Die of cerebral compression, PCW, and cardiac arrest simultaneously

5 turns is a very long time. I would suggest the bolas->

1. Initial Knockdown
2. 1 turn of stun time
3. 1 turn to untangle + stand up

That or-

1. Initial Knockdown
2. 1 Turn Untangle + stand up with a 50% chance of failure

Against a deer, a bolas would actually be a lethal weapon. It would easily break their legs, leaving them easily killed... and much more viable to hunt. The break could happen from a combination of reasons. First and foremost, enough force could be put behind them to cause harm. Secondarily, a deer has relatively strong muscles, and once the bolas has wrapped 2+ legs, the force from one leg kicking could be enough to break the other.

*says to deer* Quit kicking yourself.

I like the idea of bolas, perhaps the same size as a shoe? and crafted with two weighted spheres and medium string? a couple of rocks maybe? I'm not sure what would/could be used as those weights.

Stones, glass bottles or filled creamy crumb cans.

My issue was more witht the physical attatching of the string to the object. [Also wouldn't soup cans full of soup be unwieldy? ]

Yes they would be. With the current game I can imagine using the multitool and some bolts to put a hole and or a hook into whatever is being used. Also soup cans filled with soup was suggested because the liquid would add centrifugal force in the throw.

I like the idea of a bola for hunting deer or other fleeing NPCs

I am really getting tired of Merga Wraith killing me.