The monster in the dark.

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The monster in the dark.

I awoke in a cold sweat slowly moving out of my sleeping bag I looked out of one of the many windows in this ruined apartment building it was pitch black outside I swore I heard something moving I attempted to wake up my friend Phil he was still asleep. "Phil I think there's something outside. Wake up!" Phil turned to his side and ignored me. "God damn you Phil." I had to decide go back to sleep or check the noise my heart was pounding and I decided I would just stay up tonight and keep watch. The next day me and Phil were in a forest we were picking up anything of interest off of the ground me and Phil were looters we never really engaged in combat we just took stuff off the ground and ran if someone confronted us. Phil called me over "Holy hell Luke come look at this!" I ran towards where Phil was standing.

There I saw some type of rancid meat left to rot on the ground a crude glass shiv blood on the tip lay next to a piece. "Is this the remains of a deer or something?" Phil looked at me with terror in his eyes. "No I think this is human meat..." My eyes focused on Phil "How the hell do you know human from deer?" "Well what kind of a bozo leaves deer meat to rot? I'm telling you there's a cannibal about this place do you remember that sing we saw at the DMC?" Then it struck me like a knife to my throat there was a beware poster warning of a cannibal up north they called him "The monster in the woods" he picks his prey then stalks and stalks and stalks till he feels the time to strike it right. "Christ Luke we need to leave we are in his territory let's just go I think we've got enough." "Yeah let's just go."

Phil set down his backpack and stretched his arms "I think I am gonna hit the hay" I had trouble sleeping after remembering that cannibal in the woods it just would not leave my mind. I watched the night for hours and hours before I decided to head to bed
I went over to were Phil was sleeping and set my sleeping bag down then I noticed something out of the ordinary I saw something shiny on the floor by Phil I walked over and picked it up it was a glass shiv just like the one I saw in the forest. Suddenly I felt a sharp pain in my throat I fell to the ground I tried to cover the gushing blood coming out of my exposed throat but it was to no avail. I quickly fell victim to blood loss. As I was on the ground I heard a voice "Silly silly, silly, little lamb knock on the door to no mans land."

- A friendly neighborhood scavenger -