The City Troops Gear

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The City Troops Gear

Since Dan is planning on adding some new weapons let me just suggest a few. Names dont really matter but I try to think of cool.

Mag Blaster: Its a heat or laser blaster that runs on less powerful ammo but ammo comes in bigger amounts and clip size is better. Standard City troops might carry this.

Volt Cannon: Functionally a really large tazer it runs on volt cannon ammo (insert name here) and does a fair amount of damage but is more used for knocking things out. Higher level City Troops might carry this.

Laser Rifle: Like it currently is. Carried by High level City Troops.

Beam Cannon: Basically a high powered laser rifle ammo is more powerful and rare but extremely powerful. This thing could easily kill a dogman just by hitting it in the arm. Carried only by the Population Control Troops (Will be explained later)

All troops will have basic body armor what this is made of could be set up by Dan. High level Troops will have more powerful armor. Population Control Troops will have some sort of super powerful armor.

All Troops should have some sort of strong painkiller and/or a powerful stimulant that boosts their power. Killing them before they can use those will let you get the drugs.

*The Troops*
Standard City Trooper
This guy is a grunt while he isnt very trained he is certainly much better then the average bandit (raiders not so much)

Veteran City Trooper
This guy is grizzled he has many scars and is much tougher then you. You better be ready for one hell of a fight to win.

Population Control Trooper
This dont want to mess with him. Only the best and toughest people are picked for this special squad. These guys are sent out to handle any large gangs that could possibly harm the city and break up plots.

Official Trained Dogman

I am not overly sure that troopers that are like each other but have different name and progressively higher stats wouldn't detract from my experience. Makes me think of JRPGs of old where you had, say, an enemy 'knight' and then it's recolored version called 'dark knight' as a new enemy.

I'd prefer stuff to be a slightly bit realistic, in tune with themes like you could see in Blade Runner - a thing that seems like majority is hoping for and where there is high tech, but it isn't all showy, but practical, offering decent 'bang for buck'.

As we talked in the past - Dcfedor included - about laser rifle, I believe we kinda agreed it shouldn't be standard issue weaponry. I'd rather have just skycops and maybe heavier SWAT-like troopers in fancy full-body armor, all of them wielding simply decent handguns and the latter - some sort of hi-tech but ballistic carbines. High-powered beam weaponry seems like a weird idea for what is basically militarized security. We could assume those guys are mostly employed to resolve internal threats and defend the DMC from unwelcome stragglers, human or otherwise - not perform big-scale warfare and ruin (in a few ways) the city with collateral damage.

I like your idea of hi-tech descendant of a taser, though. Doesn't have to be anything really strong, but I'd like non-lethal weaponry for disabling targets. It also doesn't have to be anything very fancy - effective, small electrolaser handgun would be sufficiently sci-fi while still believable.

Drugs may be an interesting idea, though it really depends on how implemented - whether in the vision of the city Dan wants to create, guards running on some sort of combat enhancers may be good or very bad thing. There's still a bit that we'd have to learn about DMC - are security guys just normal, trained specialists, some sort of dystopian thugs with big guns and awful attitude toward anyone but designated VIPs or quite the opposite - those few who believe in keeping the city safe, to uphold ideals of 'Protect and serve', but are suspicious toward non-citizens. Personally, I'd prefer something in-between, tasteful.