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Making Life Easier?


First of all I would like to say I just tried the demo for 5 hours straight lol. I love how simple, hard and engrossing this game is!

A few things that I noticed right away ( unless I am a noob and just cant find the function)

1) A "drop all" and "take all" button. Especially after I have been on a good raid and have to stand there and click one by one to drop all my loot at the base.

2) Have different container amounts for water. (ie: the whiskey bottle holds more water then the cola bottle)

3) Being able to repair the durability of things with objects of the same nature (combine 2 40% plastic bags to create a single 60% bag)

4) Ability to upgrade the amount of hexes that can be moved as you progress days.

I know this is w work in progress and I am excited to see where it goes! Thanks for making an awesome game. I will definitely be buying!

1) Double click to quickly move items. Hit the '1' key to switch to item transfer mode, then you can do the same with a single click. To empty out container items right click on them and choose "Empty Out".

Ran around with a clown mask before it was cool

I know all these methods. That dosn't solve my issue of wanting to dump all my stuff and go.

1. This would be a nice option, but it's not a huge concern for me personally. I can't even think of a reason that you would want to dump your entire inventory anyway.

2. It's not a bad idea, but I'm not really sure if there's a large enough difference in size between a whiskey and water bottle to make an appreciable difference in their storage capacity, especially with how water is handled in the inventory. If water was broken into smaller modules, maybe, but not with the current 'droplet' size.

3. This option would have to be heavily limited. There isn't really a way to take two plastic bags and effectively combine them into a single object (unless you count layering them, I suppose, but it would be strange being able to do that infinitely), and there are plenty of items in the game that just can't be repaired with something as limited as a multi-tool. The nanite-based medical kit, for example, might be too intricate to just be repaired in the field. Most of the guns might fall under this as well. I could see this is a viable way to repair clothes and backpacks using strips of cloth or fur, but most other items would probably have to be left out.

4. Wouldn't this eliminate the point of the Athletic skill?

*Waits patiently for the addition of Carroltron*