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Missing arrows

Before one of the updates i was able to pick up my arrows i had fired after each battle, and seemed like they lost condition percentage, but at least i could pick them up...now however once i have the newest update and fire arrows i can not find them to pick them up. Is this supposed to be how it works or am i missing something?

Did you shoot the new, shiny, 100% arrow, and was it still gone?

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Yes. I always make sure the branch and the sharp shard are near 100% when i craft the arrow so i get a hi % condition on each item i craft. I ended up killing someone about 5 minutes later that when i went to loot had 2 arrows (the same amount i lost) perhaps, they have put in a new system that if you miss you loose arrow, and if you kill the said npc you can take back the arrows that hit....Can anyone confirm this?

BTW...I LOVE this game. Lost my $2400 laptop when g/f spilled coffee on it :( Now I'm reduced to an early 2000 desktop that cant do anything, but can play this game. But i will say this, even when i get my new desktop i will make it a top priority to dl this game on it.

If an arrows hits a target it can't be picked up since it sticks in the target. If an arrow misses its target it lands in another hex. It works this way since firing an arrow and magically teleporting it back was slightly unrealistic.

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it's also unrealistic to hit with a thrown spear, and have it never to be found when the guy dies simply because he didn't remove it. this ruins alot of fun possibilites...maybe he can make it more consistent?

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I kind of figured that's what had happened. Thanks for the response