Will votes be given back when the feature voted for is fully implemented?

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Will votes be given back when the feature voted for is fully implemented?

Topic title says it all. I don't want to sound cheap, but once the feature I voted for is completed, I'd hope I could vote for the next feature to be completed even if I have one measly vote or a massive number of votes.

Hey azurestrike! In fact, you are asking *two* interesting questions, not just one :)The first one, regarding giving back of votes, I haven't decided yet how I plan to handle feature voting once features are completed. It seems like I should at least retire the feature from the list, so the next highest one gets a chance. However, I'm not sure if enough new players with unused votes will keep the voting list current, or if the feature voting will stagnate over time. It's something I'm thinking about, though.The second (and possibly inadvertent) question: what is meant by "complete"? How do I decide if a feature is complete or not? Some of them, like "save games," are easier to figure out. But others, like "more plot" or "more items," may never be complete. I could retire the feature, and if people start asking for more plot, add a new feature to the list. But then the new feature has a long way to go to overtake older, more well-stablished features.Conversely, I could leave the features on the list, and let other features gradually overtake them. Then, when enough players want it, they can vote the old feature back to top priority with fewer votes than it would take to vote a completely new feature to the top. But that requires constant voting, which usually means constant new customers.It's not an easy thing to figure out. I don't want people to feel like their votes are worthless (especially those who paid for extra). I also don't want the feature voting to stagnate. It's a very handy way for me to measure interest based on actual data rather than trying to interpret based on forum chatter or spamming. (it *is* possible to vote spam by spending money, but I think that's fair too, since that money helps pay for me to work longer :)Anyway, I don't have a good answer for you yet, but it's on my mind. I'll try to do whatever I can to make sure feature voting remains useful and relevant!

Dan Fedor - Founder, Blue Bottle Games

Well, if this game enjoys any considerable level of success whatsoever (let's hope it does), won't it be inevitable that old feature wishes will have astronomically high levels of support, while newer wishes at some point will never even have a glimpse of hope to get up to the top of the list, no matter how strong the support of the current player base is (provided nobody does something ridiculous such as paying for 10000 votes or something)?I don't know how you develop or plan on developing, but wouldn't it make sense to go for some versioning scheme, and reset votes (giving back votes cast for the last version) whenever a new version is released.So, for example, people could put their votes behind more content for v1.4, and when you release 1.4, votes are reset. Those that feel the content added to 1.4, if any, isn't enough and want more can then cast their votes for more content in 1.5.The only things that are really problematic: (a) you need to keep track of votes, i.e. they'd be no longer fire-and-forget, (b) extra, paid-for votes would seriously unbalance this "economy" and (c) people need to keep voting.C is not really that problematic, if no votes are cast (unlikely), you can concentrate on whatever you want or even cease development and offer a new "Feature" to vote for: "Continue development".B is a real problem. I've encountered some resentment when I told people that you're selling additional votes, without even guaranteeing popular ideas WILL be worked on. I don't care all that much - nobody is forced to buy extra votes - but if you're giving those votes back between each major build, it'll give people holding many votes a lot of power to steer development into one direction or the other. Maybe you should just drop this possibility alltogether or rework it by making these considerably cheaper but only valid for one version.So people that felt more traits NEED to be in 1.4 could buy 50 votes to further that goal, but in 1.5 they'd be back to the base votes their edition of the game provided them with.Also, votes could be an incentive to actually spend time with your game! Even in the demo, there could be ingame items you could find which, upon consumption, gave your account one vote for this particular version. Of course these should be relatively rare. Mythical unique versions of these items only found in the full version could even give votes that didn't expire with a new version...I'm curious, what do you other players think, would what I describe be a good way to handle things, or can you think of something far better?-refar


Talking about the initial paragraph, I was hoping that features get retired from the voting page after they are implemented.  Granted, features such as more items, more encounters, etc will "never" be complete.  I haven't used my votes yet because I don't want to waste them on something that will be done anyway, and you seem to share my concerns.  I like the idea of super rare items giving votes, that could really reward the dedicated player.As far as votes expiring and being given back, that seems to decrease the revenue for the developer.  Those of us with less disposable income (myself included) might just have to sit back and watch people with more money to spend have a greater influence.  This isn't exactly a multinational globocorp we are microfinancing here.Your argument to make votes cheaper has some merit, it may lead to more people buying votes.  I know that personally I don't plan on buying any votes even though I really enjoy the project.

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