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Skill Revamp

Here's a quite interesting discussion about the skill/trait system:
Dan (the dev) said:

If possible, I'd like for the skill/trait system to be as granular as possible, so skills are only ever useful, and traits only detrimental. Like with GURPS, the player decides what type of person they are going to be, and chooses advantages and disadvantages accordingly.

So here's my suggestion for a skill revamp:

I don't know if currently resting is beneficial for healing or not, but I think it should be.
The basic healing rate should be modified by the number of remaining moves when ending a turn, divided by 10 (5 while asleep), which results in a modifier between 0 and 1.
- Fast Healing: Basic healing rate increased by 50% (1.5 times faster).
- Slow Healing: Basic healing rate decreased by 33% (1.5 times slower).
- Medic: Inreases benfit from cleaning wounds and applying bandages/splints, but doesn't increase general healing speed.
- Metaboslim (Skill): Decreases food/water intake without healing penalty.
- Metabolism (Trait): Increases food/water intake without healing bonus.

- Insomnia: Falling asleep is harder, causes waking up prematurely, but due to the sleep deficit the character is harder to wake up when asleep (to counter the beneficial effect this trait currently has).
- Myopia (see 50% hit chance penalty for ranged weapons, no spying, identifying an NPC's weapon is harder and NPC graphics could be replaced by a blurry shape, depending on distance.

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In my opinion, this would only work if/when Dan actually implements different sizes for different skills/traits and something like Slow Healing is worth half a normal skill. Why?
Because it's effects can be completely omitted, with some playing experience, by simply not getting wounded.

To simplify, the traits that are, in my opinion, more or less balanced right, are the ones that affect player all the time:
- metabolism makes your food/water intake permanently higher
- feeble makes your total carrying capability lower permanently
Fragile actually does not work all the time, but instead covers a large variety of things (wounds, pain, sicknesses, poisons) with it's negative influence.

The traits that are obviously inadequate are the ones which effects are temporary in nature/easy to overcome:
- insomnia - affects player only during short times where he wants to sleep / can be beaten by pills or lots of clicking
- myopia - affects player temporarily (has no effect at night which is 1/3 of the game-time) and only if he does not have a optical instrument / can be healed in city.

And as I see it, Slow Healing would only affect characters who suffered wounds, which can be avoided by player's (not character's) skill and might actually never affect owner, if he manages to stay unharmed. One full skill for a trait that can be almost completely mitigated with skilful game-play is simply too much.

Fast Healing on the other hand, feels like it has way to little to offer. I honestly think I would never took it if it was available. So again, something like a half-size skill.

And that brings me to the topic of different skill sizes, as proposed by Dan. I think, that while it might seem like a nice and fast way to re-balance skills and traits without actually creating tons of new content, it is actually not. To make sure that there are no "most effective combos" there would have to be a lot of skills and, especially, traits added (like mentioned Slow Healing) for players to choose from. Otherwise one or two sets will become obviously dominant/better to choose than others.
That's why GURPS, even in the free version Lite, has around 25 advantages + around 25 disadvantages + around 10 Social standing traits + around 10 Looks traits, not to mention 30+ skills to choose from.

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Did you take the longer healing durations into account (don't know if it's already in v0.982)?

Edit: There have to be more NPCs with slings and greenwood bows.

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Honestly I did not. And it's the whole point, since during my last two play-troughs I never suffered anything more than a scratch.

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Well, in that case Fragile is no real disadvantage either.

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Well, to some degree yes. But as I said, it covers so many different things that I think it is still might be considered "somewhat" balanced. It covers fighting, scavenging (accidents), food supply (food and water poisoning, cholera, poison) as well as some encounters (again, accidents of all sorts). Mind you, I haven't tested it to the extent to say I'm 100% sure it's OK. Just as far as I know it is way better balanced than Myopia :D.

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