So... why did buying food at the Red Dwarf kill me?

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So... why did buying food at the Red Dwarf kill me?

Once again, I like this game but I'm really confused here. I was doing well, finally made a small amount of progress in the story in addition to surviving, decided to buy some shrimp before i left the DMC and I died... Granted I did it twice, maybe I should have been paying more attention but what the hell? Why would that be lethal? That's a frustrating way to die, that. I was just happy I had 20 bucks and had made it in. I dunno I would like to see this removed personally, I don't see why I was being punished for being hungry. Still a great game though.

Tip or Die.

Did you remember to tip?

*Waits patiently for the addition of Carroltron*

I died because I didn't tip? Man alive that is some harsh shit. Glad I don't live in this post apocalyptic hellhole for real. I may not have but I usually do, guess that's the difference. Maybe I'll change my sig to something like "tip or die kids, tip or die." Time to start yet again!

Tip or Die.

The Red Gnome's a pretty weird place.

If you pay attention to the description, the megacity has grown around it. None of the nearby buildings even touch the diner. Pay special attention if you ever buy a Cadillac Burger, there's some choice bits in that section of the encounter.

*Waits patiently for the addition of Carroltron*

Makes me wonder if Mr. Fedor worked in food service. Tip or die.

People in real life who don't tip and return to an establishment baffle me.

You need to visit other countries/pay attention to different societal norms more, I am afraid. In some countries, tipping is very rare. In others, it's even discouraged. I know of establishments in which you'd actually offend people by tipping, as it may be taken as 'you're poor, cheap bastards, have this additional spare change to know how charitable I am toward folks like you'.

I am actually not surprised many people expressed their doubts or complaints about death by lack of tipping. Suggestions of more obvious hints and more info about the diner were already made and if I recall correctly, are to be considered. Hopefully they'll be.

Yeah, maybe a little more warning would have been nice. Oh well. Seems the guy who makes this is pretty cool though so I think it will be.

Tip or Die.

You need to visit other countries/pay attention to different societal norms more, I am afraid.

Conjecture on my experience aside, this is one of the few occasions in which I will gleefully spout "THIS IS 'MURRICA." And it is, even if there aren't usually so many dogmen.

The point is valid though. Death by Red Gnome is rather abrupt, especially if one is of the inclination to skip/skim text as many seem to do.

Alleviating this encounter is on the dev's list. It's a quite long list, though.

Ran around with a clown mask before it was cool

Lol. Eating at the Gnome... I remember that. Too bad it seems like the ritzy thing to do now.

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You are aware that in the newest build you can get some cheap nosh in the Concrete Jungle Apartments, right? And no worries about "oops I didn't pay... or oops I didn't tip... Time to start over." It's all cash up front.

Twenty bucks a plate. Sheesh. It's some fine grub, don't get me wrong. Maybe if I could get a doggy bag afterward.
Note: IRL, an individual who is STARVING generally has a REDUCED capacity for food, and would generally find it EXCRUCIATING to try to stuff themselves with large quantities in a short period. In times of need, we biologically trick ourselves into thinking we need less food and/or water in order to preserve and extend the period in which smaller amounts can comfort ourselves. The result being near optimal results from reduced intake. That being said, if Mr. Fedor could code something to represent that, he might make the HH treatment that stabilizes nutrition/hydration useful again, now that the Red Gnome isn't your only nourishment in the DMC.