A few sugestions for augmentations.

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A few sugestions for augmentations.

Why should we stop with super eyes? If technology's advanced to the point where one can get superior eyes, Why can't they get a augmented digestion tract, which maybe buffs food and makes it so you can't get sick from it or water? A synthetic heart could tolerate more adreneline, and with improved lungs, you could move more in a turn. This also brings me to your back. Why not have it upgraded for superior carry weight? And your legs. Why not have them augmented, too? Make them stronger, making them less resistant to damage, and such. Same with arms. Also, Why no targeting computer for ranged attack bonuses? It is a smart thing to have as eye upgrades. If one's got all of those upgrades, they could possible venture into the irradiated area, where other scavangers can't for rare and valuable gear.

Also, a perminant camp would be nice. Setting up small gardens, maybe buy a chicken from the junk market and raise chickens for eggs and such?

When it comes to augmentations, you're quite right and developer already planned more enhancements of different body parts. Should the time allow and there won't be many more important things that need to be taken care of first - you should see some in the future.

Permanent camp could be nice, but that also was already mentioned and some people decided it may be affecting the gameplay in a way clashing with current theme. At least in case of things like making your own farm. It's very possible - and highly anticipated by some - that we'll have several locations akin to cryo facility or some barracks/corporation quarters/hotel rooms that one will be able to acquire right to use as some relatively secure camp, but acquiring the food will still most likely stay in the themes of foraging, scavenging, hunting and trading.

Few additional augmentations
1)Reinforcement- a complicated (and expensive) procedure that involves weaving aramids into main muscles and encasing most bones with carbon nanotubes. This procedure provides superior resistance to most damage. Downside involves much lower bone healing rate. For full effect please visit you local hospital for skeletal repair procedure. (basically acts as toughness+ and cancels fragile disability, but slows down bone heal rate- going to hospital and repairing bones is much faster)
2)Neurocalibration- extensive therapy that involves applying various chemicals in parallel of monitoring brain process. Improves brain process and decreases necessary amount of healthy sleep. (cancels insomnia disability and increases energy regain rate while sleeping)
3)Myopolymerization- process of weaving electro-reactive polymers into main muscles. Greatly increases subjects strength. Since polymer degradation is an issue, procedure needs to be repeated every 5 years. (acts as strong+ and counters feeble disability)

Children's backpack full of bullets? I see nothing wrong in that.