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Just my 5 cents

Ok, first of all I really really reaaaally love thise game, it's an awesome totally unique expereience to play it. I know it's still in beta (alpha?) and it's not yet done but i just wanted to throw my five cents out there.

First of all this game needs skill/stats progression, sure you should be able to take the perks at the begining of the the game but that should just give you a small headstart (like start you at at level 1-2 in it instead of 0/1), you should be able to dynamically learn the others. But let's take hacking for instance, you're not going to be able to learn that on the fly just by trial and error, but perhaps make it so that you can pay somebody to train you in it. This would tie in nicely in making the crafting system more complex.

And also personally i'd like to see more resolution options.

And take the "some bullets" items, if you go to the junk market the guy should be able to identify them for you. And you should make the names identify them some more like, small bullets for the .45 long/Large bullets for the .308 and broad bullets (or something of the sorts) for the shotgun ammo.

Thanks for reading and best of luck in continuing the development of the game!


Junk market traders like to rip clueless customers off. Identifying stuff for free would hurt their income.

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Well you should be able to put two and two togheter as in: Huh these large red bullet-like things that rattle when you shake them look alot like the ones the trader calls 00 buck, it's probably the same round

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You are, because they do look different, so you as a player can tell them apart as much as the character can. And you can still use them in a correct gun, so the character without the Ranged skill is not a completely clueless.

However, it does nicely simulate the fact that your character is not really sure, because he does not know enough about the subject to actually use his knowledge, during the bartering for example. Traders do know more (unless you are actually an expert), than you, so what can you do when one tells you that this particular shell is bad/broken, or that is some rare sub-type no-one has a use for any more? Nothing. He might be lying or telling the truth, but if you don't know about this stuff, you cannot tell. And that is reflected by the lowered prices/messed up identification.

It's even more obvious with drugs - that pill you just found might look exactly like the identified painkiller you used yesterday, but how can you be sure? Unless you are trained in that kind of thing, you cannot. And the traders will use that against you, for their own gain.

And, btw, it would be so cool if the Junk Market was (sometimes) trying to sell you the placebo pills and faulty ammo.

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Levels: We had a discussion about typical RPG skill progression. The idea was raised and then dropped as largely troublesome and unsuitable as it came with it's own set of issues making it hardly fun in world of Neo Scavenger, where difficulties are meant to be semi-realistic, not starting trivial and get harder in linear fashion unlike in, say, Fallout series, where skill progression makes sense as skill tests also get progressively harder thorough the storyline (sometimes not making overly much sense, but Fallout's installments were not meant to be realistic survival simulators so it's fine exactly the way it is.. but wouldn't be in case of Neo Scavenger). Also, even if suddenly it would become a great idea, skill levels would basically mean gutting nearly all events and big part of the mechanics and I simply don't think it's worth rewriting the game.

As for bullets, I am ambivalent - I never felt great need for this lack of bullet identification nor I found it very realistic - sure, initially one can have little idea of what bullet is what, but after being presented some example - and I am sure one could convince some random hunter in DMC to drop some info for a few bucks - it should be rather clear. But I also was never truly bothered by that 'feature'. Wouldn't mind it gone, won't get mad if it stays.