Various masks protect your identity?

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Various masks protect your identity?

Got curious, does anyone know if wearing clown face mask helps hide your identity at all?
Maybe they use sophisticated retina and stuff on DMC entrance, but if not, I see no reason why wearing mask while committing a crime should not help hide your identity at all.

Never take your neckless off while taking a shower

Because the DMC pass is a tracking bracelet.

That's an interesting point, but aesop has the right idea. Detroit's visitor pass system is like a futuristic version of today's prisoner bracelet/anklet, used in house-arrest. They can track you and identify you based on the bracelet, and know whether it has been removed illegally or tampered with.

Furthermore, devices which broadcast identity info (cellphones, wifi-enabled, RFID, and bluetooth) can sometimes be used to continue tracking you, even when the bracelet has been discarded. (E.g. they were following your bracelet, then noticed cellphone XYZ was emitting a roaming signal that followed your bracelet, so if the bracelet disappears, they can still follow cellphone XYZ)

Edit: In the setting/lore, anyway. I've tried to approximate this behavior in-game, but it's just an approximation :)

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yeah the bracelet is the only thing that slipped my mind when I was having an issue with being tracked lol

I have to ask. Does your electric eyeball also allow for electronic tracking .-. maybe i should start running away naked instead
Never succeeded in running away from them cops

Never take your neckless off while taking a shower