Different (and rather important, at least to me) Encumbrance Bug

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Different (and rather important, at least to me) Encumbrance Bug

Playing the demo and just completed a scavenge where I found 5 water.  I drank down 5 of my purified water and "click to take/drop" took the 5 dirty water to purify later but my encumbrance went from burdened to struggling.  There is no difference in what I'm carrying now except that I have dirty (or rather unknown) water rather than purified in my bottles (my load has been the same for a hundred hexes and I've been burdened for a hundred hexes... this might be the first time I've downed my emergency supplies because I usually find water in forest hexes, purify and drink it on the spot).  Does untreated/dirty water weigh more than purified water?  Or did my encumbrance not clear up properly when I drank down my purified water and now I'm carrying the encumbrance of phantom water?


Aha! Found it! Looks like containers were double-counting some nested objects for encumberance purposes. When I upload the fix later, it should correct itself when re-loading the game (may require re-slotting or adding/removing some items to refresh).Thanks for the tip!

Dan Fedor - Founder, Blue Bottle Games