No chance of surviving Merga Wraith?

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No chance of surviving Merga Wraith?

So I was looted in my sleep by a Raider.. Managed to chance the swine down, he couldn't run very far due to him pushing my Box Cart full of rubbish.. tripped him, and proceeded to kick him repeatedly in the head until he passed out with a concussion. A few more kicks and he dies..

..He had taken almost everything, including that talisman you begin the game with. I remember reading somewhere that removing this summons the Merga Wraith? Well suffice to say I couldn't get away and seconds later I die from acute bleeding of the lungs. A disappointing way to go from what had turned out to be my most succesful playthrough so far.

Is there no way of avoiding this encounter? Or doing away with the talisman entirely? Else it seems you're doomed the moment someone tries to rob you. If i'm completely missing something here someone please clue me in!

Otherwise, fantastic game so far. Really enjoying it :)

If you are ever going to kill Merga wraith, it must be done with one shot, shotgun is recommended, although lucky shot from rifle will to its thing too.

PS: Merga heals very fast

If you can find your talisman and equip it the merga wraith will run away. If not you should run away. I once managed to run away from it and it seemed to be disappeared when I returned, but I don't know whether this is still possible.

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Actually, it is not harder to run from a Merga than it is from a Dogman, for example. Problem is, that the most time people encounter it, they are already down on the ground, beaten by whoever took the necklace from them.

If you take it off by yourself, you will have a distance enough (especially with Athletic skill) to run away. It will then try to follow you, but again, it's relatively easy to loose him. Once you put your talisman back on, Merga will become afraid of you. There is even a place where player can find a new talisman (Copper Beads on String) to replace the old one.

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Copper Beads on String doesn't protect from the merga wraith.

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Cheers for the replies. Looks like the onus is on me to be more careful about where and how I sleep..

Killed the Merga Wraith with a sling and a big rock. Lucky shot, but I brought 29 more and 200 pebbles as a backup.

Just to reinforce some of the comments here: the it should be possible to escape the Merga wraith, as well as kill it. And donning the talisman will ward-off the wraith even after it appears.

However, if players are finding it impossible to escape more often than not, maybe I need to tweak some things.

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