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Bunch of Suggestions

Overall a good efford so far. But i have some suggestions.
1. Make the start of the game less frustrating. Drop some stuff in the cryo chamber, a weapon, some food and a tool wouldnt hurt.
2. To further decrease startgame frustration you may consider letting enemys appear after a few days.
3. Obvious recipes should be already discovered.
4. Add some RPG elements like stats for the player that can be increased. Let players work on the character.
5. Hacking isnt very usefull atm. Maybe add some locations that can only be accessed via hacking would help.
6. My screen resolution is 1280*1024. Not everyone likes widescreen.
7. Why do all raiders and bandits have to be aggresive? Not enough monsters around?

Well, thats all for now. I probably come up with some more after a playing for a while again.

1.Nah thats too easy plus you get things already for your skills. (Maybe with strong or melee you could rip a pipe off a wall in Cyro)
2.No I completely disagree, the world doesnt stop for you.
3.I suppose but you can discover basic things easily
4.Some RPG elements might be nice like after you lift a lot you can get stronger but if you get hit in the arms many times you become weaker.
5.Hacking is actually nice for lore and money now you can hack laptops and phones for data and sometimes it can be worth 1000s
7.I agree we need some less hostile things.

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I'd say the game is already pretty enough balanced the way it is. Depends on how you play. If you're going around as a melee class and wondering why you're always getting yourself poisoned when you eat some mysterious berries then you're probably doing it wrong.

If you want a weapon at the start of the game and some food, just cut up the dog man at the start with one of the shards of glass and use them as a weapon - or go outside, find a forest and use the resources you gather as a weapon. Or use the large branch and a glass shard together to give yourself a very early weapon. Not the best weapon but a weapon all the same.

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P.S. You can already find a multitool at the start of the game if you have the Eagle Eye skill.

"Obvious recipes." I don't know about that, what kind of recipes would be classed as obvious? I know for certain a sharpened spear would fit in that list because all your doing is putting a sharp object and a stick together to make 1+1. But that kind of ruins the magic of finding out things for yourself including the fact that the game hands you recipes whenever you come across one - when I was only starting out I find it rather fun to find them just laying around.

I sort of agree on the fourth point. There are a few enhancements you can make with your eyes which I find absolutely awesome but I don't know what could actually be done in-game to improve your character further; maybe a minor muscle enhancement so your character gives a bit more of a kick but this doesn't affect strong characters? So if people are annoyed halfway through with a frail character they can at least sponge together a bit of cash to get that remedied.

I agree there could be a few more things that might be done with hacking but the King Admin might already have a few ideas so no comment on that.

For your last point, it's kind of what happens when you're wandering around No-Man's Land. Though it is frustrating to come across that pesky bandit when you least expect it, why not have a few other characters running around called "Travelers" or "Wanderers"? A sort of neutral being that just picks up loot like everyone else but doesn't attack or try to steal from the player at every chance they get.

In all my games so far i wasnt able to survive more than a few days.
Usually overrun by hordes of Bandits or armys of Melonheads.
Realism is fine but games should be fun and not frustrating. Right now its the later big time.
So the difficulty curve should increase over time rather than starting extrem high and going down.
Giving the player a Pistol with 6 Bulletts would do the trick, but its up to you. Its my suggestion together with giving the NPCs something else to do than swarm the player.

Living in the wilderness will certainly increase survival skills over time. Hiding or Botany are skills that arent forgotten in this time no doubt. Maybe haveing a teacher later would work?

Obvious recipes is again up to the developers. Fire + Meat + Stick for example is very obvious. New Players will look in the Wiki anyway, so why not just include it in the game?

I have to disagree with this. It definitely shouldn't be easy and then harder as you go along. This game is all about survival with some RPG elements. You start as a dude in a night gown in a vicious world. The more stuff you get, the less likely you'll get killed. It's just how the game (and real life) works.

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Spawn rates will probably be limited. Meanwhile try not to stay in the same area for too long.

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It's impossible for bandits or raiders to not be aggressive, if they weren't they wouldn't be called bandits or raiders.

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at the moment they seem to have nothing else to do then chase the player. thats what i mean.
theyre not killing each other or other monsters or care about places to loot, no they try to get at you all the time.

Actually, they do. Different types of enemies fight each other, and all the NPCs have the same needs as the player does (food, warmth). They make camps and gather items they find there.

The problem is, when you encounter them in the same hex, they will fight you (soon more options, talking and peaceful co-existence will be added, btw). Try getting a night-vision goggles and spying at them during nights, from forests nearby (preferably hidden) - you will see they are doing other things.

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I have to agree with the guy who said don't make it easy. Maybe a difficulty level setting? And obvious recipes are theoretically obvious to the player. But I would like to see more things to catch and eat that aren't human. i dunno if rabbits are gone but that's my first suggestion. You can build an old timey raccoon trap with a kettle and something the raccoon will grip. They are so dumb they won't let go of the thing, so you put it in the kettle and they reach their hand in, grab it, and get stuck. Stuff like that the number of times I haven't had botany and they tempt you to eat people... but no! I will not i am not a cannibal. I'll eat a possum first (and that will kill you). So yeah critters.

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What about Player advancement?
You could implement different skill levels like Melee Novice/Skilled/Expert and give the Player some Points at certain points in the Storyline or just after surviving a set number of days. For Skills like Botany or Electronics it could unlock some Powerfull receipes or for Melee Skilled could just be half as effective as it is now.

Skills shouldnt be used in receipes. When the correct ingredients are in the crafting window the game should recognize this without pulling the skill in there as well.

What about a few numbers for the Character? I like numbers.

1.That's the point
2.Check my 1st statement
3.Obvious recipes are obvious
4.There will be more augmentations that will fix disadvantages and improve character (for $$$ of course)
5.If you're lucky, it is a good way to earn money. And it is useful in some encounters. Also if drones and turrets will ever be implemented (as autonomous guards for high security locations) then hacking could be one of close range ways of disabling them.
7.Raiders are only aggressive, bandits often choose to retreat, while looters stalk you (I guess they wait until you go to sleep to rob you)

As for my own ideas.
I was thinking regarding drugs
Actually it wasn't about drugs exactly, but rather about syringes and intravenous medical liquids
But most of them have a shelf life so chances to find something still good is close to impossible (maybe except physiological liquid)
And then it hit me- hermetically sealed dry meds that need to be combined with physiological liquid prior to filling syringe.
When in liquid state they will last from one turn to few days (depending on drug).

So here goes possible list of medicament
Hemopaste- processed bovine blood paste. When mixed with physiological liquid will act as universal blood for transfusion.
Hydromorphone- one of the strongest painkillers. Strongest painkiller in the game. Can temporarily raise dead.
Antidote A, B, C, D....- for every possible poison type that will be in the game, currently there are only 3 ways to get poisoned (mushrooms, red berries, yellow berries), so 3 antidotes, but for every new poisoning way added to the game new antidote should be added as well. Medic skill should tell against what the specific antidote is.
Adrenaline- mild stimulant and a way to cancel cardiac arrest (BTW cardiac arrest shouldn't kill Philip instantly, but give 1 turn in combat, 2 if Tough). Weak withdrawal.
Amphetamine- medical grade stimulant used as medication and on some occasions as recreational drug. Temporarily fills Philip's energy bar and grants Athletic buff. Medium withdrawal.
FSD11- a potent mix of painkillers, adrenaline and stimulants. Used by military as last resort solution (at least in theory). Strong withdrawal. In long term every dose decreases overall life expectancy for a year. Player with Medic and Chemist (new advantage that allows to make poisons, drugs and explosives) can craft it (Medic+Chemist+1Hydromoprhone+1Adrenaline+1Amphetamine=2 FSD11 powders)
Cyanide- poison that can kill most creatures almost instantly. Can be used to craft poison arrows or, when filled in syringe, as a deadly weapon.

Besides that, few new related items
Syringe(Dirty/Sterile)- main tool for injections. Dirty syringe will guarantee infection. Must be sterilized with alcohol for safe usage. Can be wielded as a weapon (not very durable weapon).
Physiological liquid- bloodstream volume filler, when injected refills one blood bar. Basis for other medical liquids.
Autoinjector- armband commonly used by special task forces. Monitors wearer's life signs and under certain conditions can inject medical liquid automatically. Have 2 slots- one for military cell and another for medical liquid. Can be set to various modes (Low blood pressure, High Pulse, Cardiac arrest, Incapacitation, etc.).

Children's backpack full of bullets? I see nothing wrong in that.

  • Maybe if it require a skill(i.e. strong to get a metal pie from the wall, Lockpicking to open cabinet etc.)
  • Personally i don't find the startgame that hard, maybe you just had bad luck.
  • Maybe have it that you can use it, but it doesn't show up in the recipe section until you performed it at least once
  • Yeah that would be great, no additional comment
  • Agree maybe have it so you can hack certain devices without the cracking software
  • Tough shit i suppose
  • In my experience monsters aren't that common, but maybe it's because they're only way of surviving is killing and looting others

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I just have two things I think the game very much needs;

1. Starting with clothes so you dont freeze to death after a day - this is so that survival in the first few hours isnt pot luck, I feel its wasting players time when you just die of hypothermia because of something you can do nothing about

2. Checkpoints - I know permadeath is a huge mechanic of the game but you need something to help with the sense of progression, I reached the city, took me forever, got to that cabin and died when getting the urn, it felt really unfair but instead of a checkpoint at the city the game was far harsher, this will p**s off alot of players

If these two things were changed this game would be freaking kickass perfect to me :)

At day one, if you don't find clothes, you should have an encounter which gives you a sleeping bag, that's all you need to stay warm.

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Thats true, its just a bit of a pain thats all, doesnt make sense to me

I think food needs balancing. 1 tin of soup gives you next to nothing, you HAVE to hunt deer or people to survive, I just find it frustrating when I have tons of provisions (gummy bears, canned soup, binkies, ketchup) that seems worthless is it just me? And there needs to be more plot after DMC but that's going to get done at some point, that's all my suggestions; I found most of yours to be a bit meh.

Botany=endless food source.

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No botany=no endless food
Something else should be possible and at least some food should be semi easily available besides berries, potentially poisonous mushrooms and squirrels.

I want a "Favorited Recipes" tab.

Been playing this game quite extensively since my purchase a couple of days ago.
I'm really enjoying it at the moment. It has nice depth and is definitely unforgiving, which I like.

If I may add some suggestions/comments...

1. Combat feels good but I think there is a lot of room for improvement. What about being able to have more control over where you hit (fallout style)? More options such as throwing sand/earth at opponents face for a chance of blinding them, getting on top of opponent to punch him several times, etc

2. The descriptive text in combat can sometimes be a bit confusing and will not fit properly inside the box even when making it larger by clicking on the yellow arrow.

3. We should be able to store more than 1 water ration per bottle. In general I think the water system needs a bit of work. I drink purified water but it seems it doesn't do much to my thirst level. only stops it from going down for 1 turn. It's ridiculous that I need to carry 4/5 bottles around to keep hydrated unless i want to stop every other turn to purify and refill water.

4. Maybe include different backpack sizes, clothes, etc

5. Include a possibility to see how many turns left before day/night, etc

6. Why can we only see animals (deer) when we equip a hunting rifle?

7. We need more resolution options.

8. When resting/sleeping and somebody enters your hex. If you are not visible there should be an option to stay still & try to remain hidden in the hopes that the person/creature that just entered your hex leaves without noticing you.

9. (Related to number 2) Text box needs to be fixed. I would like to be able to scroll up and down and not miss any info.

10. Full bottles should specify whether they contain purified water or not.

11. RPG elements (stats, extra skills, traits, etc) would be great!

That's it for now. Eager to see what you think about these.

Off to fight some more!

1. "getting on top of opponent to punch him several times" - Is effectively the same as repeatedly kicking a fallen opponent.
3. The required amount of water is quite realistic, the bottles are just small (0.25 L). What we need are bigger bottles.
6. Probably because the rifle had a scope.
7. Did you try to use the "Stretch" and "Filter" options?
8. Is possible. Actually I have more problems to stop looters running away with my stuff.
10. You can identify sterilized, bottled water based on the value.
11. You can get a few extra skills due to eye surgery or artificial eye implants, and there might come more augmentations in the future.

For everything else +1.

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