Serrate, D-Man Hunter

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Serrate, D-Man Hunter

The following three 'stories' happened yesterday while playing Neo Scavenger. A mate was trying to talk me into playing an MMO we play and in reply I msgd him one of these stories each time. Also, I fancy myself a bit of a Dogman hunter...

It was a gamble, slinking into ruins under the cover of darkness was always risky, but Serrate needed to grab what he could find and get back to the junk market at Glow, the piles of cooked meat sitting in his plastic sled were losing their value quickly. Ghosting from shadow to shadow, Serrate made his way up to an abandoned warehouse and slipped through the half-torn away roller door. Entering the darkness he paused, there was the sound of breathing. Suddenly the wreck of the damaged roller door banged against its frame followed by the scuffing of feet on the cement floor. To close. Raise his spear threateningly he growled "Get away from me!" A yelp and a human figure bolted from the warehouse. Fumbling his lighter from his pocket, Serrate looked about the room. A sleeping bag was laid out, a rifle and pack next to it. By all appearances the Scavenger had been using the warehouse for shelter. In the dark of the night a figure trudged toward the junk market of Glow. In his plastic sled were chunks of meat, a pack, a rifle and a sleeping bag. Payday

It was an easy thing, regrettable but easy. The thin frame of a malnourished and weak scavenger was an easy target...almost to easy.
Sneaking to within meters of him Serrate hurled his spear into the man's back
He crumpled, squirmed a few times then lay still. His left boot was in perfect condition. Serrate kicked off his own left, the tattered remains kicking up a cloud of dust as it hit he ground.
Pulling on his new boot, he looked again at the pathetic corpse of the scavenger, then jerked his spear free from the lifeless body
Regrettable, his right boot was in worse condition than Serrates....

I got my hands on a shotgun and was feeling all deadly, maybe I should have checked how many rounds were in it...1. By the time I dropped it and pulled out my trusty slingshot the D-Man was already on top of me..quickly switched to my fire hardened spear and threw some rubble between us to hopefully trip him and buy me a second to start poking holes in him.
Bastard was to fast and jumped the rubble and tackled me to the ground, we grappled, I holed him a few but his claws tore chunks from me. We lay there, both slipping in and out of consciousness.
But he was in better nick than me, struggling to his feet, standing over my pain wracked body he raised his one good arm, racking his claws down and into my skull...the thing was, I think my end had already come, the holes he put in my chest had caused blood to pool in my lungs. I think, that final blow was a mercy.

So the title is a bit misleading, there's no actual hunting of D-men involved. The last one was actually hilarious, 28 days! Got my first firearm but didn't pay attention to which stack of bullets I put in it. My death was double tapped brain trauma and haemapneumothorax (blood filled lungs).

Shotgun to the face