Happy New Year! And Default Build is Now 0.982

Happy new year, everyone! 2013 was a year of big changes and evolution. Let's hope 2014 is full of progress and prosperity!

0.982 Now Official

Since the 0.982 update seems to be stable, and an improvement over 0.980, I've decided to make it the official build on all sites. Steam was updated a couple days ago (cloud build management is handy!), and I've just finished updating it here, too.

Desura should be uploaded, and is awaiting apporoval. ETA is likely tomorrow, barring any holiday backlogs there.

For those needing a refresher on what's new in 0.982, this news link explains the bulk of the changes.

Today was mostly about catching up on communique from the past two weeks. Lots of emails in the inbox to respond to, and I'm trying to wade through the tech support threads both here and on Steam. I don't think I'll be able to read and respond to all of them, but I'll try to hit as many as I can.

Once I've got a handle on the state of 0.982's issues and shortcomings, I'll start triaging the bugs, and come up with a plan for 0.983. My rough plan is to at least get another encounter done, some bug fixes, and depending on time, maybe a look into factions.

Hope everyone enjoyed their holidays, and see you tomorrow!