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multiplayer idea

ok, im not a game developer or anything like that. i do however play D&D a lot. but i had an idea for a multiplayer function in this game, which i enjoy playing ever so much and plan on buying in 4 days. ill do this as short as possible.
first off i noticed this is a turn based strategy and it goes back and forth between player and non-player in increments of time. easiest way i can think of doing this is adding a 3rd layer to this making it co-op(2player and no more). basically start the same way and both decide who makes the first move or in a different way have the first player(host) use the right skills to free the second player from another Cryo tube before leaving the Cryo facility. that way both can work together in this harsh wasteland. what about the turns you say? easy, have one player move there full turn, then the next player, then the enemy. makes sense right? and doing this adds so much more to the story options for a second side character. granted some of you will say then the first character will have the pick of the best loot because they got there first... wrong. this world is huge and full of stuff that seems to replenish itself. also they don't have to go the same direction all the time they can go alone if the feel its a better choice or stay together its up to the two of them to decide. some also might say what if you both wanted to attack the same target at the same time? well have an option as either player to bring the whole group into the fight(grab your buddy to help out mwahahaha). i cant even tell you all how many times i have been ganged up on by 3+ enemies in the first 2 days even when hiding and masking my tracks. so having a second person helping in fights would be so much more helpful. that or instead of this whole thing just have an option to befriend others to follow you but that's to much management there. allowing two players to explore the same area at the same time would help out a lot. the furthest i have made it in the game is 4 days. i always die because i get ganged up on by 3 or more bandits at the same time. granted the first time i died was because i didn't know i could put those clean cloths on my wounds. lol so i bled out after 3 hours :D now when it comes to resting that might become a difficult thing since when you rest it doesn't stop till your a lot better or a bad guy comes buy. there should be a button to stop the resting on the next cycle around. allowing your turn to jump back into the turn rotation on the following turn you hit the button. as well as having the opting to help a player rest/heal(using medical of course). the sleeping is fine if one player sleeps fine and the other doesn't the the second player will have to try a lot of times till a success happens. and if one wakes up early and a bad guy is roaming about having a wake up ally option would also be a good idea. combat is perfect just have both players fight the same way the bots fight by choosing there own targets or attacking the same. also having bandit(1) and bandit(2) would be so much better for coordination than just "hey john attack the tough, barefoot guy leave the other to me"

so lets see did i miss anything?
1.combat? check
2.movement/turns? check
3.survival? greatly insured
4.communication? Steam voice chat has got that covered:)
5.thanking the game designers? not personally but i do so thank them and hope this becomes an add on soon. and if so would like a shout out:)
6.skill coordination? i think this is also a big factor in playing this game because its all about the skills you pick. so pick wisely guys and gals. but maybe adding a teamwork to the list would be nice for looting buildings and helping on searching checks. suggested modifiers are 2x loot, -6 sneaky, -2safty(if anyone is feeble or week) also both players have to be in the same tile to be an option.

It's already been talked about here
the idea of multiplayer doesn't look good

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i like the idea if they went my route


whats tldr stand for?

It stands for 'Too Long, Didn't Read.' Basically, Xajinit is being a **** and has nothing useful to say.

I don't hate the idea, but the problem is that NEO Scavenger is completely built around single player interaction. A worth-while multiplayer component would require a completely revamped combat interface, event interface, and would likely require restructuring a large majority of the game's code in general.

I just don't think there's enough time to add on an additional playing mode.

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agreed but at the current rate of updates it would probably take a month to do the coding for that play type. and thanks for the heads up. it is an a** move on his part.

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