Bug Fix Builds, Postcards, and Player Camp

Hey Everybody! I've got some new builds for you today, with some fixes to persistent save/load bugs and other weirdness. But first, postcards!

'Ok, let's do this.'

Those of you who bought Yukon Edition were promised some signed postcards, complete with a dog and pony show where Rochelle applies liptsick to yours truly, and I kiss each card after signing. Well, you've all been very patient, and I thank you for that. So without further adieu, let's get this show on the road!

Rochelle begins the application of color #066.

Test run...

Well, there's a first...

The 4-day scruff sells it, I think.

Here goes!

Huh, that wasn't too bad.

Rochelle says, 'once more, with feeling'

Hey, now we're talking!

'Only 75 more to go.'

Hours later: 'I hate lipstick...'


The results!

That was a long evening (that spread, in the last picture, is only one of several drying batches), and I may end up regretting this committment, but there you have it! First batch of postcards are in the mail, and should be arriving as quickly as Canada Post trucks can drive!

Demo Build 0.915d

I also uploaded new demo and beta builds. Today's demo build includes:

  • Fix for quests that failed to remove quest items when complete (e.g. hatter takes the urn/iSlabs)
  • Fix for encounters that showed partial response options. (e.g. scavenging a locked shed should only let you choose lockpicking if you have both the skill and the tools. Perviously, it would show the skill even if you didn't have tools to complete the recipe/input list).
  • Fix for a bug that prevented status from returning to normal when the bars are green (e.g. could never return to well-hydrated after bar dropped once)
  • Fix for rotated containers flipping upright again when an item auto-dropped into them.
  • Fixed a bug which caused item charges to spill on ground when crafting (e.g. the "magic lighter" bug).

Beta Build 0.9s5b

Today's beta build includes all of the above fixes, plus:

  • Fix for save games which caused some creatures to be invisible on load.
  • Fix for save games which caused conditions to continue being saved after the game was saved (e.g. saving the game, and later getting crippled, would cause the save game to get crippled as well)
  • Fix for a bug which caused hex loot in save games to be invisible or colliding with other items on load.
  • Fix for a bug which caused recipe button tooltips to appear on the hex map screen.

Player Camp

Also, now that save games are stabilizing, I'm starting to look into the next voting feature: player camp! I've already started looking over the forums for people's suggestions on the matter, and I have some ideas of my own. If there are things you think would make a cool or useful player camp feature, let me know on the forums!

Thanks again for your patience, and have a great night!


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This is easily as awesome as Toady One's crayon drawings and Three Toe's stories.Guh!  I want more money to buy all the indie games with!