New Cloths and Gear

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New Cloths and Gear

Just because i don't like the variety of clothing and gear items, after awhile you end up get the best stuff (dogman coat), here's some ideas, sorry if some have been talked about earlier.

-cargo pants (holds more then items)
-shorts (not that warm)
-snow pants (really warm)
-padded pants (gives protection)
-sweat pants (warm)


-long sleeve (warm, cant hold items)
-winter jacket (really warm)
-leather jacket (warm)
-construction vest (not really that warm, cant hold items)
-poncho (warm, cant hold items)

:head gear

-beanie (warm)
-head flashlight (like night vision)
-helmet (protects head from injury)
-toque (warm)

:hand gear

-winter gloves (warm)
-brass knuckles (increased fist combat)
-finger flashlights (minor light source)


-gym bag (10x5)
-school bag (8x8)
-purse (6x6)

:shoulder gear

-ammo belt (holds ammo)
-rope (safety during scavenging)

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I really like this idea, Maybe it would be nice if they included something like Arm Guards to protect your arms when in melee combat. Or a Military vest which can absorb damage to the chest from bullets but loses it's durability extremely quick.

Unlikely to be added till much later than the release. A lot of it has been suggested before, too. Not saying they're bad ideas.

I do like the idea of these ones and i think there should be alot larger of clutter clothes and such, it's afterall wastelands and wrecked cities out there, plenty of scrap or sealed clothes out there, Not to mention a bigger variation of Trapper and Hunting clothes.

Don't forget Self crafted ones, already dig the Hide coat and Dogman Coat, Would be nice to craft some basic or diffrent clothes, Like Quivers or spear Quivers or makeshift backpacks, There's already that wooden sled but i'm a person who can't haul anything big...

Just somethrow ins but i don't expect it all to come out on the same day, patience is my gold at the moment.

Can't wait til it gets updated some more, It's hypnotizing this game in a way, Like day-z Just on a more detailed and HARSH conditions *ramble*

[Edit] Don't forget good old belts! Pouches, Coin pouches, Ammo pouches and so on


Good idea. I think a lot of new items in General would be cool: weapons, gear etc. so there's a wide variety of what you can find or make.

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I really like the Idea of getting body armor, like a plate carrier or maybe even a powered exoskeleton that makes you stronger.

I'd prefer more improvised stuff like Hockey/Football equipment, biker helmes or trash can lid shields.

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You are right about that one, But then again, There's tons of improvised things out there or simply combine other items to become something else, Use some hide, Reinforce a tshirt or a sweater with leather pads or something, Should be more indevidual slots for the body to use, Knees, Elbows as the game triggers "Security" for the charater, Knee protectors, Bike, Sport or hockey ones would help climb through windows and such.

Or Improvised Belts made from hide or bandolier.

But what "i" want the most now is more "Face" items, Like Hoods, Masks, Bandadas and hats, Face cover of some sort as it gives the charater a personality

*Rambles once more, probably all of this is now unrelated*

[Edit] And i know for a fact! That you can make backpacks out of metal tubes, rebars or wooden sticks, Need the fabric and sticks to make the support and strucutre, then the fabric to make the straps and bag.


About the backpack frames, that was already discussed here and seems like a decent, relatively balanced idea.

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I would prefer more types of canned goods and packaged food. I think something like a big hiking backpack or a type of vest that has a good amount of pockets for space would be a good idea. I am getting quite tired of the yukon backpack.
For the military goods I'm not sure about the deal of assault rifles, smgs, and body armor should be included or not but how about things like combat knives axes or hatchets.

I just posted something similar about the backpacks on the frame discussion. I'm really not a fan of carrying around a sled or pushing a cart.