DMC job market and city life (suggested locations)

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DMC job market and city life (suggested locations)

Though the game is one of survival in the wilderness, I can imagine that there ought to be big perks of being in the DMC.

If the player has a tracking bracelet, then yes, they can enter. But they might want to settle down in the safety of the city as well. Get a work permit (you think 3000 is pricey? I can imagine a work permit would be close to 5 digits).

The jobs the player would be able to do would likely be trinkets (food & water) with no benefits (oh you fell sick... to bad; Next!).

Possible jobs?

//Hygiene Technician (cleaner - which would probably also result in the character getting sick; a lot)
Requirement: None
Salary: 30/day

//Factory/Construction worker (Would probably not get sick as much, just severely injure now and then)
Requirements: Strong, Mechanic or Electrician
Salary: 50/day

//Technical Support (no major drawbacks)
Requirements: Hacker
Salary: 70/day

//Security Guard
Requirements: Strong OR Tough, Melee OR Ranged
Salary: 60/day

Now, there's nothing to say you can't be in the city and work illegally. But that has it's own drawbacks. Being deported etc. being one of them. Not to mentioned the vulnerability of being at the mercy of criminal elements which could be a story plot or two in themselves.

You'd probably stay in a dormitory in the city or in the shanty outside town. If one wants to make life difficult for the player, the visit pass would be temporary and the cops would start hunting you down after a while. While a work permit would be a treasured possession. Perhaps Permanent Residency (opening up for more decent jobs) would be an option as well (perhaps after serving in the city's defence force)

Suggested locations in the shanty:
//Hawker center (cheap food e.g. 5-12 dollars, with the added benefit that you might fall sick once in a while from poor raw materials or poor stall hygene. Selection is quite good though)
(1) Roasted chicken with rice and water
(2) Fried fat balls with sugar sauce and water []
(3) Rice Burger with fries and water [meat patty mix is probably beef flavoured, but it's hard to tell what it really is]
(4) Fried rice with eggs and seaweed []
(5) Eco Noodles [one of many artificial flavourings, there's no doubt that Eco probably means economical for the vendor than anything else]
(6) Chicken BBQ Satey [Not more filling than any other wilderness meat on a stick, the hawkers really know how to spice up the flavour]
(7) Water (added to inventory)
(8) Corn-a-cola (added to inventory)

//Power outlets
- Having them recharge with +20/day (instead of say having 80 charges that then disappear forever)

//ClearDoc Clinic
- Less pricy than the clinic in town (but also way less capable). Also sells various medicines, bark tea etc.
(possible job opportunity for people with the medic skills or even for those with botany skills)

//Larger shanty town area (extending 4-6 hexes out)
- For additional locations, perhaps with a garbage dump down by the chemical wastelands.

Ability to hand over the silver urn to Hatter even after he gives you the DMC pass.

This idea is... Different. NS is about strategy and wits, when you add pointless jobs, its not strategy the way you said it but if the idea was changed it a bit, it might work, because how would it work? like if you spend turns doing the job and a dialog puzzle that you solve or something along those lines, then you could get paid.

Another thought, living in DMC, what would be the point of that? The game is about exploring the wasteland and scavenging for supplies, not live in a city and do Jobs, that's not what the game is about.

PS, their is a fast food restaurant already and power tap can be used to get electricity

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I think several of the OP's ideas have a lot of merit, and I think it makes more sense to ask 'why not' when it comes to including these features, rather than 'why.' For one thing, the DMC would certainly rely on a base work force to maintain it's buildings and services, and those would likely be very slave-wage type situations where they were paid only just enough to eek out a living. So his suggestions are, at least, fairly realistic.

As for where the player comes into this, you have a fair point that this doesn't exactly fit with the current scope of the game, but the OP's idea is not to replace the game's mechanics, but supplement the survival aspects with a way to earn your way out of a bad situation. If you're broke and don't have anything to trade for food, and you're about to die of hunger--you're not likely going to make it on the outside, since there's not really any food to be had in the area outside the walls. It makes more sense that you'd stay in the DMC and find some kind of work. I'd certainly like to see more interaction here, including the possibility to steal merchandise, mug someone, etc.

The biggest argument against the fast-food sub restaurant is that the junk market already has a selection of food, water, cola options that are just simply not there all the time. This fits in with the game's world better, but I still think the idea is cool. Perhaps a better solution is just to add a larger selection of cheaper items to the current diner's menu, or at least include the ability to order take-out.

However, the age old problem with all of this is that it falls under the category of adding more content to a game that's already eating up a lot of Dan's time. We'll just have to wait and see.

I have my suggestion, here it is.

Blade Runner (Or if you want to give it a parody name, call it Sword Runner)

It would be just like in the 1982 film, only with some slight changes, in the Neo Scavenger Universe, instead of hunting replicants, the Blade Runners hunt down Smuglers, as the DMC pass costs 3000 dollars per person, some people who live in the sprawl started to take advantage of this situation, pricing people who wish to get inside the DMC about half of the price of the pass, if the person pays, the people in the sprawl who gave him the offer will smugle the payer inside the DMC. So as this became a big problem for the DMC, the DMC goverment created the Blade Runner Police Squad, who were tasked to find the smuglers and bring them to "justice". The Blade Runners use Revolvers and travel in flying police veichles made by SkyCorp. So the player can become a Blade Runner, the payment is good, but there is a risk of death and severe injury.

And if you get very wounded and survive, you will recive a "honourable discharge", or in other words, you will get fired.