Neo scavenger related Chuck Norris jokes

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Neo scavenger related Chuck Norris jokes

Chuck Norris once beaten up a dogman, naked, without a weapon in severe pain and poison 3

When Chuck Norris threatened bank teller and checked records, police got exiled

Chuck Norris eats death cap for breakfast every morning

Chuck Norris doesn´t need skills for crafting some items or having action during encounters, skills need him for doing so

Feel free to post more :)

Since when can Chuck feel pain or be poisoned?

Ran around with a clown mask before it was cool

When Chuck Norris tackles he doesnt fall to the ground

Chuck Norris doesnt need a tracking bracelet to enter Detroit megacity

Chuck Norris suffers no "Barefooted" penalty when not wearing shoes

Chuck Norris' beard functions as a multi-tool,Digital water tester,squirrel/dogman snare,sleeping bag and lockpicking kit

In the place of the "demand Surrender" combat action Chuck Norris has "Stare at".The function is the same

Chuck Norris has a unique attack called "roundhouse kick" that automatically Kills any opponent in melee range and leaves cured meat instead of the opponents corpse

Chuck Norris can equip a Medium Stoked campfire in his hand

Chuck Norris can craft an open field hex into a hill hex

Chuck Norris once punched a raider so hard that he turned into a looter

Good idea Marcuss NEO norris jokes! awesome :)

Chuck Norris woke up and left his talisman in the cryo lab because jewelry is for women. Merga Wraith has been running from him ever since.

Chuck Norris can threaten without using a turn.

Chuck Norris beat Neo Scavenger by drinking the great black swamp and walking to Ohio. Barefoot.

Chuck Norris tryed to sell human meat to butcher, since then it got higher price

Chuck Norris crafted laser rifle using twigs and bark, smartphone battery and glass bottle

Chuck Norris used thin air in slingshot to kill a dogman

Chuck Norris can see the glow during the day

also, i hate Chuck Norris jokes.