Is the Noise Trap working in .982b?

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Is the Noise Trap working in .982b?

Can someone confirm? It has failed to wake me 5 times consecutively... either I'm flat out unlucky or this is bugged... can't ever remember seeing this behaviour in the last year of playing.

How many noise traps did you use?

Ran around with a clown mask before it was cool

Just one. that's all I've ever used in the past.

Noise traps are additive. You really want 3-4 to get full coverage in a campsite. You can see the Alertness bar if you take the Trapping skill (why wouldn't anyone take Trapping, the game's best skill?)

Thanks for the tip. In over a year of play, I've taken trapping only once or twice, and I guess I never camped with it (I thought it was only good for squirrels :) ) I've never seen an alertness meter.

Still, I'm wondering if changes have occurred with the noise traps, as even before I used to get fairly regular warning with one trap... now, never. Curious if this is related to the changes where bandits can no longer steal your sleeping bag while you're sleeping in it.

For laughs... I sterilized rags with a packet of ketchup this game... then died later that day from sepsis. I'm sure it was just a coincidence. :)