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Weapon Shop

I think in the DMC there should be a weapon shop. The prices should be a but higher than the junk shop. You can sell your weapons there for a bit more but can't sell non-weapon items there.

Could be interesting I suppose, but I like how the junk shop already works, as it reflects the general lack of choice goods.

The items could be in randomized condition. So there could be a .308 rifle with %57.4 condition and a compound bow %87.6 condition.

To be honest, I'd rather have a set of different, specialized shops available in DMC proper selling high-quality and condition goods but by very elevated prices in case of anything but daily use supplies like simple food, old clothes etc.

Possibly to access some of them, certain prerequisites would have to be met (need some standing with particular faction, some item or additional quest for supplies completed).

What about ammo ? otherwise , it's a pretty good idea !

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Yes it would sell ammo and arrows.

I agree with scavanger. DMC's got that vibe where there would be heavy gun controll. A pawnshop, sellimg completly random and mostly useless things would be nice. As would a grocery store, and a camping store.

I don't know... I always figured DMC to be dystopian city. Shady drug/gun dealers everywhere, prostitutes at every corner..
maybe i love blade runner too much.

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It seems like it would be too heavily regulated for that, since you have to put on a tracking bracelet just so you can get through the front gate.

I imagine that the rest of the city is similarly monitored.

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Hatter seems to operate without too much of a trouble.
and i'm assuming tracking bracelet sold on market weren't meant for you, but likely someone stole it or something and sold it.
(only say this because i think i saw Felony of identity was one of the charge when arrested by skycop)
:/ I'd imagine last bastion of civilized mankind to be bureaucratic, corruption-filled mess.
Kinda like hive worlds on wh40k.

Never take your neckless off while taking a shower

That is why neither Hatter nor the traders from the Junk Market leave inside the city - outside, people rule themselves (criminals like Hatter walk free, but people will literary kill you where you're standing if you try to break THEIR rules (like selling human meat).
Inside the walls, on the other hand, there is no such thing, everybody is monitored (via the tracking bracelets) and one call from one the citizens and a guest is screwed for good (look at Bank or Concrete Forest encounters, there is no court - they don't like you, you are out). Hard to imagine someone would become a arms/drug dealer in such environment.

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That's why people dream the days of the dark times and i think in the long trem it would be better for everyone, sure killing is bad but in the end is what people alive inside

Okay so put the shop in the slums out side the city wall. It could be unlocked by doing a quest for Hatter or some other person.