Neo Scavenger Demo Bugs

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Neo Scavenger Demo Bugs

I'm having some bugs on the demo.. and would love to know if these are fixed in the game itself, and also, if they could be looked into on the demo (I love this game, but the bugs make it hard)!

The biggest bug I've come across thus far in the demo, is this. I get stuck on an hour glass, without choosing an action. But DAYS pass.. this just happened to me. I could not eat nor drink though I had plenty of both. I died due to dehydration after the hour glass went through I think 3 days.. I survived 15 days and would have loved to see if I could have gone a month :(

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Sounds like the endless turns bug, which should be fixed in v.0982t. If that happens try to save and quit, then reload.

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In demo you cannot actually do that, as there is no Save function. But hopefully Dan will update the demo version soon as well.

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