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Another Save Manager

Hey guys, I created my own save manager. Link to download

Just tested my own download. It seems you'll have to create a folder on your desktop named "NeoScavengerSaves" and place that .bat inside. If you don't do that... I guess it's not a huge deal, but it will make your life harder. These are the only instructions that need to be posted here. Setup instructions are built-in to the program.

About this program
This is not a malicious program. I made this because I feel as though Banjo's version is outdated. His manager is 373 days old from the date of this posting. Also, I don't know if his manager still works because I never actually ran it, though I did peek inside. The only code that was copied were his header remarks (remarks are like comments) and his variable "menu" for...the menu. It is 100% custom, though I did take his idea of using a batch file. You can compare the 2 in notepad to confirm this. And he was right, using DOS is extremely nostalgic.

About me
This was more for me than for the community, proof that I can still program, and also make my life a little easier (that's what .bat's are for). This is my first time with batch and she was not gentle with me. Anyone familiar with batch programming would see this if they opened it. I was taught computer science for 3 years in high school, that was 4 years ago. We never learned about batch programming. It took me a little over 10 hours to complete, spread over 2 days. Bug after bug, I never thought I would finish. Let's move on to the features.

1. 5 saving slots

2. Ability to play with Steam (reading Banjo's forum post, as well as being over a year old, I think this is something he lacked.)

3. Ability to set a custom launch location (for those who bought the game before steam, this Desura I've been hearing about, and for general issues with steam. I use a 64-bit system, not sure if that would cause issues for you 32-bit'ers out there.)

4. Ability to switch between the 2 (giving you a total of...8 game slots, I guess.)

5. Future updates? Maybe, if this gets any amount of attention. (I really need to start coding again.)

PLEASE PM me issues with the manager. I may be able to fix them. Please be patient with me during that time, as it could take a while (like I said, first .bat). I plan to leave this post up, and I want all the issues to be worked out for a stable, useful program.

I'm off to bed. Enjoy.

well i have to tell u that your manager just destroyed my save....
maybe its my fault...

I proceed by your instructions found the path paste it into savepath.txt

then get to this:

INSTALL. Instructions on installation.
Save 1
Save 2
Save 3
Save 4
Save 5
Typing SETCUSTOM will make it default to play from your custom location.
Great for non-Steam users!
Typing SETSTEAM will revert to normal.


1) Load save1 and play.
2) Save from flash.
3) Delete save.
Type BACK to go home.
Type EXIT to close.


then i get error that it cant find neoscavenger.exe
later on i looked through notepad++ and find out that your program is searching wrong path my steam games are on D:

but when i get the first error i (lame) didn't know why try to type number 2 and enter
after that game save dissapear... i don't even know what save from flash mean
and this is the risk.... your manager is not idiot proof

no hard feelings