Bio mods and cyborgs. other stuff

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Bio mods and cyborgs. other stuff

Someone was talking about this earlier and got me thinking. How about more incentive to kill certain enemies? Humans are worth killing for loot and someone mentioned having them carry money which might incentivize simply letting them surrender more often. Currently dogman drops are barely worth carting back if you are far afield. How about a DMC bounty on these creatures? They could drop ears to be cashed in at the junk market.

Cyborgs/robots as a new enemy. Could find bio modification items and charge on them.

New bio mods would be awesome:
*A wrist blade to replace fists. Could be switched to plasma mode to dish out damage at high charge cost.
*A built in nanomedkit slot that must be replaced upon use and can be activated once when near death.
*Alert heightening sensors that consume charge. Would make camping less tedious.
*Consider altering eye augmentations to require charge(Perhaps more efficient than Goggles?). Currently they make the game a little too easy and I opt for goggles to keep the game challenging.

I was thinking these things would better fit the theme of the game if they had to be managed and all consumed charge. Could turn some on and off to save charge.

Also it would be cool to make a biomod Inventory so that not all mods would fit. Could have resource managements such as computing capacity and max powersupply to limit these.

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One of the things I like best about this game is that it's near impossible to turn yourself into a superman. All of these proposed ideas sound like extreme upgrades that, to me, don't serve any purpose in the game other than making you powerful. If you take all the challenge out of it... what's the point?

The added enemies would add a level of challenge to meet the new upgrades. Ideally these would spawn in certain areas with the high end loot to create an end game challenge. There's also the fact that there's no lvling mechanic which I like. This leaves the player to establish different kinds of goals. Right now I have everything you could want in the game, loads of ammo, weapons, and mods. Theres nothing to strive for now, even with the game in its current form my character is close to unkillable unless I do something dumb. I've been rampaging across the map all night skinning dogmen and eating people.

- Incentive
We had a few threads with such idea in the past. While implants I am generally ambivalent enough (with exception of plasma mode blade fists which I see a bit too far-fetched) but have nothing against, I am strongly against the very idea of adding some incentive for killing the enemies. Fighting in general shouldn't be a way to secure bigger and bigger profits, but a way to overcome challenges and keep the character alive - with a few useful items being a side bonus at most.

Of course, player should have a possibility to try to sustain the character solely through battle, but such shouldn't offer any special boons just because of playing so.

In addition, the game portrays a brutal world, but one where player character doesn't have to be (and often isn't) yet another muscled martial artist with inhuman capabilities. While there is no character background forced onto player so you can play some super commando if you want to, the story is about some guy trying to find his place in the world and recover his past.

NEO Scavenger was never meant to be approached like typical hack&slash, loot-gathering RPGs. Possibly because of that every fight is a bit of a risk and possible profits from one are made to be somewhat believable - what you'd expect to gather from a corpse of some dangerous animal or hobo-bandit in a ruined world.

Bottom line, one shouldn't be encouraged to fight if he doesn't want to already and so, there should be no additional incentive.

- Biomod inventory
I am not sure if it's really necessary. Provided nothing changed here and more implants will be added before final release, many will be taking the same 'slot' in character's body (number of mechanical limbs won't exceed the default etc).

- Eye augmentation
After some consideration, Dan made it a permament bonus for no running costs, as some high-hanging prize. While it may be somewhat too easy to get to it, I'd like for it stay on infinite charge rather than keep an eye on battery to keep it going when the bonus - as useful as it may be - isn't dramatically tipping the scales for survival.

I agree completely with Scavenger.