New Food and medicine Ideas

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New Food and medicine Ideas

To me, their isn't much choice of what kind of medicine and food you can find in the game, like if you really have to in a RL situation eat anything or take anything, spoiled or not.

C*= can be crafted

-Foods and liquids

  • Granola bar (small snack, not spoiled)
  • Chili (In a can, not spoiled, small meal)
  • Jam (In a jar, may be spoiled, small snack, low hydration, C*)
  • Tuna (in a small can, small meal)
  • Apples (small snack, may be rotted) If you can find berries, i bet you could find some fruits
  • stale cookies (small snacks, sugar high)
  • Mushroom stew (small meal, low hydration, C*)
  • Condensed Milk (Good hydration)
  • Soda in a can (normal hydration)
  • Berry juice (Good Hydration, sugar high, C*)


Maybe you could just get a random cold?
[*]Vitamins (?)
[*]cigarettes (low pain relief, may cause lung problems)
[*]Flu shot (Massive increase in the immune system, only bought at the clinic)
[*]morphine (massive pain relief)
[*]steroids (increased strength)
[*]cough syrup (helps when coughing up blood)
[*]heat pack (increase body temperature)

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- Jake

Some neat ideas.

cigarettes should make you more visible also.

Couple decent ideas. I like most of the crafting recipes, such as turning berries into jam and other preservatives, as food spoilage is a bit crazy right now. All the non-craftables seem pointless to me, as creating more items that do the same thing as existing items is just a waste. Every new addition has to do something cool and unique or otherwise the time is better spent elsewhere.

One thing that might be of interest would be if the character is OD:ing on painkillers or sleeping pills.

If tried eating 20 of each at the same time once just to test, but nothing happened.