Survival guide (dogman and raiders)

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Survival guide (dogman and raiders)

I'm planning to start another wiki guide in a few days. I was wondering if anyone had survival tips for established players geared toward avoiding perma death from dogmen and raiders. They aren't much trouble in my opinion when you are healthy and its daytime. Most of my deaths result from sleeping and being crept up on by 2 or more of either type.

1) Sleep with a gun in your hand ready to fire. I prefer 12 guage with buckshot. 45 is decent against the raiders but not my first choice against dogmen.

2) 3-4 Noise traps.

3) avoid letting status bars get low. This seems to effect alertness and possibly even draw dogmen to you. I prioritize getting food and water before sleep. Carry some clean water and food if possible to consume before sleep.

4) At least have a lightsource you can turn on midfight(flashlight, nightvision, other). Dogmen can see in the dark. I do well with nightvision implants but if you don't have them I think turning on NV goggles before sleeping is worth it. If this is your plan I'd idealy carry a laptop battery with me when going far afield. It takes a mere 4 spaces, can fit into a pocket for convenient access, and can hold 12 full charges(20). That's 240 hours of battery life.

Terraign is one of my questions. I'd been using forests for concealment. They find me anyway. Im considering open fields so at least theres some distance. Was also considering sleeping during daytime.

Any other tips would be great as well.

fenris, to be fair, people rarely go to wikia sites to look for the "game guide" kind of info, I think. They usually look for some direct information on game contents.
Why wont you publish a solid guide on the Steam instead - they have a section especially for that in there, and for now the NS offer there is somewhat limited.

And about some tips:
I always go on open fields when travelling, if I can that is. Greater visibility + long starting range of combat are the key here. When I want to sleep, I do it at night, in a high Concealment location, with Hiding option on.
For combat I always choose Sprint Away move (from Athletic skill; I never leave my Cryo Pod without it, not until Dan revamps the Hiding skill) combined with shooting arrows from my Compound Bow. I never use Rifle, and Shotgun/pistol is my last resort, rather than main weapon.

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I'll second the sentiment of firearms being a last resort rather than a main weapon. While they are incredibly powerful, it's equivalent to shooting someone with benjamins. Even when you have a respectable pile of ammunition it seems to go very quickly.

Firearms in general seem much more useful as an ace-in-the-hole for those "shit shit shit" moments.

Nice. I'll look into it. I used to get my guides from Gamefaqs but they're kind of outdated and hard to navigate.

Personally I use wiki as a one stop shop. I search for details about a specific thing often but a few tips and guides work great too. I've been trying to organize my additions to make the pages easier to navigate while still adding plenty of useful details.

Any idea how many people play this game? A few hundred? A few thousand? Or more?

Hard to tell, people come and go.
I posted "Starting out" guide on Steam (collection of "tips" from wikia users) and from it's publication, 23 days ago, 672 people saw it, if that can be any help. My guess is few thousands on Steam alone. So a big guess: around 5-8k total.

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That's to bad, I was thinking like 100k, it would suit the game on how good the game is in beta.

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Keep in mind I am making and educated guess here.

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You can always work to get the word out. Word of mouth is a great tool for getting more publicity.

.45 didn't do shit against a group of dogmen. I had about 16 rounds, as well. Only injured all of them, didn't get the kill on any.......then I got murdered.

I have about the same opinion of it which is why I listed it as not my first choice against dogmen. It works decent against 1 or possibly 2 dogmen if you're lucky.

Were you ambushed while sleeping or were you hunting dogmen?

I've recently developed some tactics that work pretty good for either situation. I've been filling my cart with dogmen hides, 10 per trip. To prevent them from sneaking up on you I'd suggest using a light source while you sleep and getting your other status bars into the green before sleeping. It seems to affect alertness. I uploaded a basic guide on the wikia but let me know if you want any more details.

Spears - Spears are definitely one of the most handy (and flimsiest) weapons in the game but they definitely make up for it no weapons at all and the range they give is worthwhile as a desperate measure against dogmen. At least from my previous experiences, just poking at them gives some bonus even if the damage ain't huge.

Guns.. eh, I've not had much use with guns lately. Mostly been scavenging for guns and ammo then just pawning it off for some other useful loot.

And this might be more of a survival tip more than anything, if you find an electronic device such as a battery, islab, phone, etc. Find something to power it ASAP since it might just be unlocked. The best finding I had with an electronic device when it was unlocked was a bank account worth £5400 which gave me that boost to get all the rest of my eye augmentations.

Noise traps, I agree. Even with 4 noise traps there's still a chance your character won't wake up when the enemy is close by which is something that happened to me. Full alertness bar and a dogman managed to claw me half to death before I could stand up or detect him.

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I'm trying to respond about the .45. it wont let me post more than a few sentences.

Damn hold on I'll say something to Dan.

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Cool. Seems to be working now.