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hacking bug

I just found a laptop, hacked it, and discovered some files worth $10600. When i placed them into the junk market i didnt get any money for them. But when i try to by them back, the game wants me to pay their $10600 value.

Someone said the hatter buys these items?

It's a known bug in v0.980. The version 0.982b should have this fixed.

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Nice. That must have been a rare find. I hope hacking gets further development. Its fun so far.

Wow! There's one very rare text file that's worth in excess of $5000, and you must have had TWO of them in the same device! That's some luck

I think there were more than 10 files in it. Today I found another large one. Can't remember the amount but I thought it was higher than the first find. I have some stuff piled up to check today for fun. Ive logged 50 hours in under a week lol

Wow, glad you're enjoying it.

And the only place (currently) you directly sell items is the Junk Market outside the DMC. Hatter doesn't buy anything, although you can trade items in a few other encounters.

Nice found.
I once found some video that was worth 5.5k
(paid for my eye implants)
Named "Desperate housemen" (or something like that)
I assume that was porn
You just can't find quality porn anymore *sigh*

Children's backpack full of bullets? I see nothing wrong in that.

You probably had a stack of files with the video on top and a text file with bank account information below it.

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dont forget to turn the device on at point of sale :)
another safe practice is to move the data to empty usb and selling the usb.

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another safe practice is to move the data to empty usb and selling the usb.

Ooh, I didn't think of that, but that's a good (and logical) idea!

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