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Helping Dan

So, if you look around the bluebottlegames website you will find a voting page, in the page, the most popular ideas are: More scavenge location, more weapons, more crafting and more encounters. so drop a reply to help Dan with some ideas.

my ideas:


  • restaurants: more likely to find food

  • campsites: in the forest, more likely to find camping items (tarps, sleeping bags, etc.)
  • auto shop: more likely to find electrical/ mechanical items


  • switch blade (melee (better then multitool)) stab the enemy

  • large rock (malee) bash enemy to death (maybe some crafting uses)
  • sling shot (ranged) more accurate then a sling/ more damage

-flare gun (ranged) (new ammo, flares)) find at campsites or something attracts a lot of attention

  • caravans: trade and buy items buy friendly/escorted man (every now and then)

  • strange animal (can bite and poison player, if player picks a bad decision)
  • After looting a random area, a large group of raiders and bandits comes back to their base
  • Jumped, random raider with a rifle try to threatening you and take your stuff
  • Looter trap, like the kid idea but, a man asking for help, could it be a trap?
  • bounty hunter missions from hatter, hatter will give you a mission to go to an area like zomzoms to get someones debt or something like that then return with some sort of payment to hatter


  • tazzer: flashlight, mechanical parts, electrician skill, screwdriver, 9v battery(cell phone battery). Uses power

  • glasses: mechanical parts, glass/bottle, A skill(couldn't think of one), screwdriver. temporally removes the myopia trait
  • Makeshift time telling device: mechanical parts, electrician skill, string, battery. uses power
  • poison: poison's item, botany skill. make poison's arrows, coat cloths with poison to keep away creatures(Dogman)
  • improvised pills: botany skill, heat source, cooking pot, water, herb/plant, medium shaft(for grinding the herbs). weak meds
  • Blood Transfusion: needle, large corpse. weak Blood Transfusion, may have dangerous side effects if the blood is not your blood, maybe you could check with the medic skill (corpse + medic skill)

Reply with ideas to help Dan in theses category!
PS, he does read these so make some ideas!

My Mod: I-Neo-More Remastered
- Jake

There's some good and bad suggestions here, I'll try to sort them out into categories with an explanation.

The good:
-All the locations work for me. They make sense, and pretty much only require a new graphic and some minor coding.
-The caravan and strange animal encounters both sound promising, but are pretty rough as-is.
-Radiated looter don't make sense right now, but there's room for growth their in terms of him trying to lure you into an ambush, or something along those lines.
-On crafting: Creating liquid components using sterilized needles sounds interesting, but doing it the way you're suggesting would just result in a lot of waste. There's not a lot of chemical compounds that you can just melt without a side effect. This is just an issue with the method of delivery, though, the idea is solid. This goes with several of the suggestions, like the tazer. The recipes and skills should be adjusted for realism, but they're quality content additions.

The bad:
-All the weapon ideas don't really add anything to the gameplay, since there are existing items that already do what they would do. You can suggest adjusting the chance to get a crowbar or a multitool, but adding more items only to diversify their selection is a relative waste of dev time.
-Inhabited campsite is too obvious and doesn't sound like it would work very well. The same is true for the random sniper. I like some chance in my rogue games, but a random possibility of a serious gunshot is way overkill. Ambushes are a different matter, and it would be fine if they had a NPC with a rifle, but you shouldn't just start the encounter with a gaping wound.
-Bounty Hunter missions could be interesting, but you've got to come up with a more specific location or sample mission to sell the idea. I don't think they should just be run-of-the-mill repetitive quests.

Changed some things from my original idea

My Mod: I-Neo-More Remastered
- Jake

locations to loot: grocery store, drugstore
weapons/crafting: craftable sawed-off shotgun/rifle, rifle chambered in .22 LR, baseball bat, craftable spiked baseball bat, hatchet, bayonet, knuckles, brick, fire axe, hammer, scissors, screwdriver, molotov, shovel, police baton, pen, saw.

A drug store would be a good addition to find meds, also i like the molotov and brass knuckles idea and the idea to cut down on inventory space, but less accurate with guns.

My Mod: I-Neo-More Remastered
- Jake