Improving mob spawn behaviour

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Improving mob spawn behaviour

Problem: When exploring new areas there are almost no mobs, while sometimes in known areas large numbers of mobs accumulate.
Suggestion: Decrease mob spawn rate over time, and let mobs spawn immediately on newly uncovered terrain (1-2% chance per hex). This way blindly running into the dark would be more dangerous (as it should be).

Ran around with a clown mask before it was cool

Well this explains a question I had regarding mob spawning mechanics. I had a character holed up in the cryo facility but despite it being described as out of the way the area was crawling with bad mothas, blue frogs, looters, enfield horrors and even a DMC guard. In comparison the run to the DMC to drop off all the loot they had dropped was only punctuated by DMC guards right outside the city gates.

In general I've found staying still to be far more risky than always being on the move. For a post apocalyptic world it sure can get busy.