[v0.982b] Bugs, Issues and Stuff that Should be Changed

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[v0.982b] Bugs, Issues and Stuff that Should be Changed

- Hides in hide clothes still do not degrade.
- Drinking several drops of whiskey causes several move penalties, but only one is displayed.
- I saved during rain, quit and reloaded and the rain was gone.
- Stick with RF1:D (green) costs $61, but stick with RF1:D (purple) costs only $1.
- The Hidden Lake doesn't have a water resource. (Water from that lake should have an especially high chance of being contaminated, maybe due to corpses dumped into the water.)
- I did some scavenging in the NEOScavenger.exe and looted recipes. If <column name="fHours">1</column> means that crafting should take a full hour (=1 turn), then there's bug, since these numbers are always interpreted as moves, not turns. However, fixing this bug without down-tuning some recipes will probably cause much complaints.
- Conditions from eating spoiled meat are green, should be red.

- The 'Glow' should be removed after the DMC gate is discovered, it makes Hatter, Gate and Junk Market unreadable on the minimap.
- Sleds are too abundant, making the Mechanic skill almost useless.
- If one sleeps in a hex with an encounter the encounter still starts every turn.
- When I entered the house at the Hidden Lake I saw that the Strangler's Hood-branch was available. Since I needed a pic for the wiki I saved the game and got the hood. Then I closed the game and reloaded. I was outside of the house and died after entering. Obviously, for the game it was the second visit. After restoring the backup I chose to leave the house. Then I was suddenly inside, at the exact point where I saved. Long story short, upon reloading encounters seem to be started a second time despite the first time still being unfinished.
-> Maybe it's best to start encounters only on the first visit and use icons for restarting encounters, just like in the Cryo Facility.

- Hidden Lake, second visit, upstairs: "A moment of paralysis siezes you" -> "seizes"
- Here's a candidate for a nit-picker award: In the Strange Forest encounter the word "recognise" is used. It's correct British English, but mixing British and American English is bad style.
- Another one: In the description of the Miley Syrup video (I'm glad it's in the game) the 'y' above the 'HD' makes it look like 'AD'.

- When using a vehicle it's impossible to run or sprint away in combat. I think for athletes the run away move should still be available, removing the sprint option is penalty enough.
- Double clicking on bandages and splints should auto-apply them.
- It should be possible to sterilize water by mixing it with alcohol.
- A shard costs $0.25, a broken bottle only $0.05, it would make more sense vice versa.
- The hydration value of ketchup should be negative due to its salt content.
- The tooltips for combat moves should include a rough (!) estimate of the success chances. I think this would surely help beginners.

- Power taps: I basically like them, water/wood should work the same way. (An "empty out" hotkey would be nice, though.)
- However, the 'use' option should read 'recharge' to better reflect what it does, or 'refill' to also fit to water/wood resources.
- Also, power taps make electricity overly abundant. Maybe recharging them slowly over time and reducing their number is a better alternative.

- Some item names should be shorter, e.g. "a handful of string, twine, floss, etc.". Why not simply naming small threads "thread" and medium threads "string"?
- "handful of small twigs and bark" -> "twigs and bark"
- "assorted screws, washers, resistors, pins, wires, sprockets, springs, etc." -> "screws, wires, etc."
- Several item names start with an "a", e.g. "a silver urn", the 'a' should be removed.
- Bark Tea: The recipe says "tannin tea", the item says "bark tea", and the log says "Player drank some tannin tea." It should always be the same name to avoid confusion.

NOTE: I know I'm getting quite picky, but the game is nearing completion, and I think it should be released in a polished state.

Edit: - "Agree to Surrender" could be confused with "Accept Surrender", should read simply "Surrender"
Edit 2: - Combat screen needs "Repeat last action"-button (grayed out if not possible)

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Earmarking this for later, as I'm about to log-off and there's a ton of info here :)

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There are few items that have a "Small or Medium Flexible, Non-Food Object" property, but should definitely not be a part of recipes like Rough Splint.

How would one walk with two of those attached to his broken leg?
- Backpack
- Tarp Shelter (Yeah, right now one can make a splint from a stick and two makeshift tents :D)

How would one tie those up (and keep them tied) together ?
- Scrap of Paper
- Newspaper
- Medium Chunks of Meat (Spoiled)

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Though I'm not able to make a list as professional as Malacodor, I will list some bugs I found. Appologies if they have been mentioned elsewhere. (Please excuse any typos, I've been playing all night and it's currently almost 8am. LOVE THE GAME!)
Edit: Just noticed I'm in here with two mods and the creator. Am I allowed to post in here?... o.o
Edit: I have done many edits... Currently 8:22 am :D

- Many objects can be bugged to share inventory squares with other items. (Click a backpack on both a box and another backpack at the same time so it overlaps both. Hard to describe, sorry if that was confusing.)
- Placing a bandage on a cut first, then placing steralized water (possibly other liquids) on the bandaged cut second, results in a funny bug. I'm not sure of what the game thinks of this either; whether it heals as if a bandage is there or acts as if it had been washed. I'm not sure how to check it myself.
- Mentioned elsewhere: the water tester doesn't need batteries or charge to test water.

-If your chracter has no clothes on their chest and has a weapon across their back on a strap, the item is visible through their body a bit where the clickable shoulder slot is. (can be seen with a crowbar at least)
- Half a pair of binoculars + a medium length of string, twine, or cord produces a rifle scope with strap, both increasing it's sell value and decreasing its size (2x3 to 1x5).
- I was burdened and I equipped a plastic sled with strap to my vehical slot and became unburdened without changing anything else or moving any other items. This should only happen if I had moved items to the sled.
- Here's one I doubt anyone has found. If you keep picking random for your character skills at the beginning of the game, you can occasionally remove all the negative traits due to none being "basic human" and sometimes despite no positive skills being selected, one of the negative traits is not selectable to be put in.

POTENTIAL BUG?: Given that electronics can spawn with software taking up 2 rows in its inventory (just found a smartphone like that) and that the laptop battery needs a 2x2 space in the laptop inventory; is it possible that in a spawned laptop with no battery, two rows of software can be placed in a way that a battery cant fit? (2nd and 4th of the 5 rows are full of software). I know of no ways to re-arange software in the grid on an unpowered device so this could result in an unstartable laptop.
In an attempt to kinda simulate this with a cracked laptop; I have found that if you are holding an on laptop and move some software from its inventory ontop of its battery (as if to place the software and pick up the battery), it results in some software being visible while the laptop is unpowered and seems to make some software unmovable when powered back on.

Suggestions (Not bugs):
- Put the amount of moves needed for a craft somewhere. (eg. crafting cooking small chunk of meat would have a 0.2 next to the arrow or something.) So there isn't so much player memorization needed to manage move resources.
- Moving around electrical charges is a bit overpowered. All you need is one laptop battery ($10, no laptop needed) and you have a 2x2 square that holds 240 charges that you can use to refil your button cells and AA. Maybe only make charges insertable into batteries (From those power taps at DMC or something) but not removable again out in the field, or have the ability to remove charges an electrician only ability since they need some love.
- Cannibalism is too useful. One human a day (even up to three days) keeps the hunger away. Maybe give human meat less nutrition value (they are starving wanderers and melonheads). I don't ever need water to drink since the meat is so juicy and veal-like. Not to mention feeble fragile humans can even be killed in one hit (I've done it with the crowbar many times with melee and strong). Sure, it's a bit heavy but not enough to make stockpiling it lose its worth. Even just cooked, not cured, leaves me usually with a large portion uneaten before it spoils as you are almost gauranteed to butcher and cook it at 99.9%.
- Crackers should be stackable. They make you thirsty and are worth $2 like the other 1x1 foods. There is little point taking them ever.

Don't worry, there are no forbidden threads in these forums.

- Half a pair of binoculars is intended to be a substitute for a scope. It's a shortcoming of the crafting system that it sometimes magically makes items lighter or smaller, but as long as it isn't too extreme it's acceptable.

- Cannibalism has a severe downside...

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Just read the wiki again and as an avid cannibal, I can safely say that even with the severe increase in hunger your character develops "From that moment on, the player's character will become incredibly gluttonous. His hunger will grow drastically - his nourishment bar dropping much faster than before, faster than hydration bar usually does, going from full to starvation in two days." I still end up throwing away spoiling human meat. The medium chunk fills nearly half your hunger bar and a human drops 8 of those alone. I often just eat them at 99% hunger to top off my thirst bar. Plus "It is worth to mention, that regardless of his claims that the character in this state can only be nourished by human meat, he can eat all kind of foods just fine." which is on the wiki and I believe this to be true too. The severe downside to cannibalism is consequential only if you stop being a cannibal and try to live off other food sources.

I've made it a game to destroy any non-human food items I find in disgust and only carry a few bottles for sterilizing wounds, seeing how far I can get on no drinking water and I've successfully been to the DMC, hidden lake and back.

- Since people repeatedly state or complain that bare fists can do a lot of damage, there should be a risk of injury for the attackers hands, unless they use bandages, which in turn reduces damage slightly.

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Ok, starting to catch-up on threads today. For a lot of these, I'm just copying over to my bug/to-do list wholesale, so I won't comment on those.

Some comments on specific items:

  • Crafting Times in Moves vs. Turns - You are correct that this is a bug. In fact, I remember a big discussion about this a while back, but part or all of it might have been via email or PM. In any case, it's meant to be hours, so 1.0 does mean a complete turn, not a move. As you point out, though, there are some balance issues that would arise if I just switched things over. Suffice to say, this is a complex issue, and something I hope to address in the future if I find a satisfactory solution.
  • Accidental Encounter Triggering - The idea to make subsequent encounter visits work like the cryo facility seems like a good way to solve this issue.
  • Recognize vs. Recognise - Lol, looks like one of Cameron's encounters slipped through my editing :) (a Kiwi)
  • Running w/Vehicles - I think running with a cart or sled would be pretty difficult and/or futile. I do, however, have a note to myself to add a "drop sled/cart" battle move. Seems reasonable that one could abandon the cart and run in such cases without needing to access inventory.
  • Battle Move Success Chances - This is an interesting idea. Some players in the past have suggested a "combat sense" ability that grants a similar hint to moves. My memory is fuzzy, but do any of the moves already have success chances in their tooltips? (E.g. parry/dodge)
  • Overabundant Electricity - I agree that it's abundant, but is that a bad thing? One still has to carry what they want to use when leaving the DMC. Is the problem that there's no reason to leave the DMC for long?
  • Cannibalism vs. Hunger - This may actually be exposing a flaw in the hunger/thirst simulation. There are actually two different concepts that the hunger bar tries to approximate at the same time. One is the sensation of hunger, the other is malnutrition. The former is only relevant in the context of satiation: eating too much at once is impossible, so we vomit (or worse). The latter is a more long-term condition, caused by extended periods of either being hungry or full. If I were to be realistic, I'd track them separately, so you couldn't eat too much at once. And malnutrition would appear if you were hungry for long stretches of time (conversely, being well-fed all the time would reduce malnutrition). I like the idea of being more realistic, but I'd have to be careful not to make it too hard to understand. The UI might be tricky, too. I have this on my list of things to look into, in any case.

Thanks for the feedback, guys. Good stuff here!

Edit: Added note on cannibalism.

Dan Fedor - Founder, Blue Bottle Games

5. Many tooltips contain the terms "chance", "low chance" and "high chance" (slightly too vague for my taste), but there's no information about hit and escape chances, which would be most important.
6. The only electric items I need when leaving DMC are lamps or NV goggles. I store all the hacking stuff near the junk market where I can sell valuable files if I find some. A single laptop battery can store enough charges to patrol the whole coastline.

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I agree with Malacador on that battery issue - once the player obtains a laptop battery (or the mechanical doll) he can carry enough power to last way more than necessary - basically killing the feeling of power as a scarce resource and also nullifies the point about different batteries being pain in the ass.

If at all possible, charges could be non-pickable at all (only indicating power level) and items like Power Taps could have "Charge all batteries" option, filling all batteries in hex/player possession to full (at the cost of 1 move maybe?). This way it would be relatively easy to obtain large amounts of power at the DMC but, without the ability to transfer charges player would not be able to take more power than he could possibly need - because the really useful batteries (military and AA ones - have relatively low capacity).

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Money multiplication bug is back again!


3 guns - price is about 3 000 $ (less)
basket with guns - price is 20 089 $. =)

Actually, it looks like $2089 in the basket, not $20,089. Money subtraction bug? :)

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my bad sorry =)

There seems to be a too easy way to kill the merga wraith:
1. Remove talisman
2. End turn
3. Equip talisman
4. Wait until the merga wraith dies of dehydration

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Thanks Malacodor! I think I stumbled across that thread, too, so I made a few adjustments. No more metabolic needs for the Merga Wraith!

Dan Fedor - Founder, Blue Bottle Games