A couple of suggestions about existing recipes

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A couple of suggestions about existing recipes

1) I dislike having to use paper scraps and jagged glass to create arrows. You can create a perfectly functional arrow by sharpening a stick, and I don't understand what the paper is used for. (fins?)
2) Sometimes a medium campfire gives 2 ash, other times it only gives one. What gives?


1) I'd like to be able to craft a hobo knapsack by slinging a stick over my shoulder and tying rags/shirt/cloth over it.
2) I'd like to see some nylon bungie cords, like the kind you use to tie off a truckload when you are moving furniture.
3) How about a bike or moped? Or maybe a crank generator?

Yes, for fins. Perfectly funtional shows your lack of archery experience. People have been fletching for hundreds of years for a reason. D could create very short range arrows without fletching, but with so many new items on the request list and three different arrows already in the game, it'd be a case of misaligned priorties. Personally I think he's already quite generous with how accurate crude arrows are.

The random 1-2 ash generation was intentional (not sure why) but this has been changed with .982 to always produce 2 ash from all campfires, medium and small.

It probably was changed because it could be exploited to always get two ashes, anyway, same for water resources.

Ran around with a clown mask before it was cool

What are the experience level in order to modify on specific items?


modifying existing items is more about sitting down and just doing trail and error. i suggest notepad++ and getting to work

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