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Simple Suggestion, if it is raining in your hex at the end of the turn set the water bar to fully hydrated!

waaaaaay to OP
mayby set up a tarp and can to collect water but it would be tooooo easy

And oldie and I would say goodie but not particularly

The rain might not be the cleanest source of water tho, the evaporation from the polluted lakes and oceans, i agree that it would be nice to get a source of water when it rains, but automatically refilling is to OP

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I think that droplets of water should spawn sometimes on the floor when it is raining, but it should have a big chanse of bad water.

A rain collector suggestion has been made several times and is on D's list. Spawning droplets after a rain would be nice, I agree, but full hydration for free is overboard. I think the game assumes you always end the turn in camp when calculating rain effects on body temp, but you want to stand out in the open under a crazy cold Michigan autumn rain for long enough to drink the water without any capturing mechanism besides your mouth? Cool guys avoid hypothermia, mate.

Why can't I drink rain water?

Normally you could drink rainwater without becoming ill. However, rainwater contains pollutants, soil, plant parts, insect parts, bacteria, algae, and sometimes radioactive materials that the rain/snow has washed out of the air. If filtered with one of the filtering systems that you can buy in stores nowadays, and then boiled, you could probably drink the water safely. However, it is safer yet to get your water from municipal water supplies or from wells that are frequently tested.

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I think a simple encounter - happening the first time the character is exposed to rain and saying something about the rainwater tasting finny, having weird color, irritating character's skin or some similar thing - would, for the most part, remove the problem by explaining the issue.

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It would make a fair amount of sense as well, seeing as a large amount of that rain water probably comes from the swamp system at the bottom of the map.

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Yeah, that was my line of thinking :D
The water found there is so toxic that not even viruses can survive in it (that why water tester shows it as (sterilized, poisoned)). I guess that rainwater produced from that Bog of Doom is not only not good for drinking but actually detrimental to health on any kind of longer exposure.

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The evaporation process should clear out most toxins, but I suppose it's easy enough for the Swamp of Doom to have something that isn't so easily avoided. Although, if the rain is toxic, wouldn't it be killing off all the woodlands it falls upon?

Seems the easily explination is it's hard to catching rain. Next time is rains where you are, go outside, open you mouth, and wait. See if you get more or less thirsty. Useing something to catch it has been mentioned, but finding where it gathers and pours, like a rain spout, could easily be too filthy to drink.

There's also something to be said of a drizzle heavy enough to freeze you, but not enough to drink.

For one thing, you can't just drink rain water straight (safely), especially in a post-apocalypse universe. Yes, you can open your mouth and drink what you can catch, but if you've ever tried to do that you'd realize pretty quickly that it's not efficient. Mostly, you just get yourself soaked.

As soon as you involve collectors into the equation, cleansing the water becomes a must for a whole host of reasons.

So, I'm perfectly OK with a rain collector craftable (like others have suggested), but the OPs suggestion is just preposterous.

Perhaps if you leave your spare (opened) can soup and/or pot out, it could collect rain water which could then be sterilized if you'd like it to.. and it could provide 2-3x the water drops/drinks. That'd be a nice feature

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