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Using Programs?

So I've found and powered an iSlab Tablet. Lucky for me it was unlocked. I don't know what to do with it though. I have a couple of storage devices with the GPS program and some kind of cellphone cracker program but I can't seem to make them interact with the iSlab.

What can I do with this stuff? Do I need hacking skill to get anything useful with cellphones/iSlabs or Laptops?

You need software for tablets. Take the iSlab in one and the stick with the software in the other hand. Make sure the iSlab is on and unlocked, then you should be able to move the software from the stick to the iSlab.

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For tablets being the key here. You may well have software for smartphones, which is incompatable. Doublecheck the color (you want purple not green) and mouseover text.

And no, if you're lucky enough to have found one unlocked, you don't need Hacking. Most drops are locked, though, and laptops won't be any use for you.

Hmmm... so what can you do with the laptop and hacking? I couldn't tell from the wiki

With Hacking you can unlock locked Laptops (without software), and other locked devices (with the appropriate cracking software).
Once unlocked, you should be able to use software like GPS or lamp on the unlocked device.

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