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Camp sites...

I know this topic has been talked about a lot in the past, but here's some ideas

- making camp in cars (like the one car with the sleeping bag); temperature: moderate, visibility: high, uncomfortable, Healing: moderate, alertness: extremely low

- under a large corpse (like a dogman or enfield horror); temperature: warm, visibility: moderate, uncomfortable, healing rate: low, alertness: none

- shacks in the forest; temperature: warm, visibility low,comfortable, healing rate: good, alertness: low

- Roof tops (in the City or something); temperature: cold, visibility: low, comfortable, healing rate: moderate, alertness: low

Visibility: If enemy's can see you/ how visible you are
Healing: How much you heal while you sleep
alertness: If you hear enemy's are approaching
comfortable: increased stats
uncomfortable: decreased stats

I'll post more thing tomorrow cause I just blacked out

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I'd like to see more diversity in the camp sites, but it's not a deal at the present. Just saying there's more pressing stuff.

I can see the car idea.

The corpse just makes me shudder. (corpses attact scavengers fast - plus most battle corpse would be pretty torn up - smells and disease from ruptured organs)

I think they might have a shack already, as bungalow.

i was playing in the 0.980 version, and in 0.982 i think they have the buildings and stuff

My Mod: I-Neo-More Remastered
- Jake