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Auto Save

I really really would love for the game to have an autosave system, it is an critical point in all games. I was doing so good, then my tower fell and shut off and i lost all my 2 hours of work

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I suggest case-modding - attach some pillows.

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auto-save is a must-have in any game, simply because of electricity shut downs

I don't think it's a bad idea. This hasn't happened to me yet but I can imagine this scenario: It's a rainy day so you stay inside and you're playing Neo Scavenger. A couple hours go by when all the sudden the storm picks up and the power goes out. No amount of pillows by your tower is going to prevent bad weather/power outs (though I like the idea anyway). I don't really like quitting and saving every turn just for the sake of the unexpected, it ruins the flow of the game. I suppose you could put your computer on a battery backup system but there are other reasons your computer may quit on you unexpectedly and cause you to lose all you progress. It's not as bad as dying in-game mind you (unless of course you had just started a fresh game and had not saved at all yet). Nevertheless, I can't see how an auto save would hurt anything. It's getting deleted anyway when you die. If anything, when you suspect you're about to die, it could potentially prevent you from simply x-ing out the window and loading up your save from 30 minutes ago when you still had all your stuff. In this scenario, with an auto-save feature, the most recent save would be you in (presumably) a situation you can't salvage no matter how many times you re-load thus reinforcing choice consequences and permadeath. Any other situation it would simply be a safety net unless your computer goes down unexpectedly. However, even though I like the idea and don't see it interfering with gameplay (if implemented carefully), I don't see this as a priority feature to add before the game is nearer to completion. In reality the computer doesn't go down that often so the number of times you encounter a situation where you need auto save is not great.