[v0.982b] Melonhead Multiplying Bug

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[v0.982b] Melonhead Multiplying Bug

There is a quite serious issue with Melonheads multiplying without control, forming a horrendous hordes sometimes.
It was reported on Steam, but I re-posting it here so it is not buried under tons of new posts.
I also find that similar issue was reported before, in this topic, but was happening in the version 0.979b.

Here is a save game, provided by a steam user, in which player starts in combat with a single group of 50+ unseen attackers (reported by original user to be Melonheads).

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Same problem here, I went up Northwest earlier today and the 3 Melonheads I encountered starting wailing out for help, and it became a Zergling invasion up North. It became a small herd; the wailing out for help should be nerfed a bit.

Yeah, I'm going to have to tweak that. All creatures might need caps, in fact, so we don't get bandit or dogmen packs beyond belief.

The overall creature population will probably need capping, too, as games get longer. I've already seen one game with 89 creatures that killed the save game loading process :)

Making a note to self, thanks!

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Maybe delete all NPCs further away than a certain distance? Otherwise there'll be no NPCs in newly explored areas, if the mob cap is reach by NPCs in old areas.

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If at all possible, the creature cap should be changed to spawn-point cap and only affect specified areas (spawns are area-related anyway). This way it would be possible to limit populations of smaller regions, creating more coherent location theme/difficulty, while allowing creatures to travel.

Example: the population of Dogmen in north-eastern peninsula set to, lets say, between 10-12 spawn points at any given time (extremely dangerous zone), still, allowing them to travel after their prey where they want, while not affecting the bandit numbers around the Zom's (set to 6-8 concurrent spawns for those guys).

Total cap would simply be the sum of all the zones.

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The way creatures spawn might make per-region capping tricky, but it's something I'll consider. (E.g. melonhead calls for help bypass normal regional spawning, for instance)

I could also kill any creature beyond a certain distance, but there are already two exceptions I'd need to handle. I can see why you suggest this, though, as heavy play in one region could rob the rest of Michigan of its populace. So that's another important point to consider!

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Ok... So I've escaped from an amazing rumble with 116 Melonheads! I tried my best to hold but they just kept coming. Must have knocked about 3-5 unconsciousness before the rest made it to striking distance. Took a screenshot before fleeing to the woods. I'll be back at daybreak once they've scattered. Wish me luck... Love this game.

*Spent the last half hour trying to attach an image of the soon to be slaughters but this forum seems to think I'm posting spam. Anyways change the .con to .com for an image.*



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Uh, yeah, looks like creature population caps are a requirement for 0.983 :)

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Yeah, it's not really playable with the Melonhead Madness issues. Sooner or later you encounter a few melonheads, which very quickly becomes 100+ melonheads... and even if you escape, the game is toast because it bogs down with so many melonheads roaming the land.

OK - I revise my statement, it IS playable... I had two games in a row that died in relatively short order due to this, but I then managed to avoid that by leaving the South East and finding an area with pretty much no Melonheads around.

The one Melonhead that attacked me in the night (thankfully just one) was close enough I was able to immediately hit with a broad spear flurry, so it never had a chance to call for help.

Yeah, the creature populations need some limits in place. If anyone missed it, that was something I worked on yesterday, and you can read more about it here:


Hopefully, we'll have more reasonable creature populations in the next build!

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Was having such a good run - then during combat a single melonhead called for help. I killed him the next turn, ended turn, and then immediately entered combat with a new set of melonheads.

I thought, right - time for a decent fight.

I've been clicking the "next monster" button for a while now. I stopped counting after 130 and got bored.

Edit: I kept going. ~150 melonheads summoned from a single one (or summoned during this combat from the initial horde that the first one summoned - I had good visibility during the day and only spotted one in the immediate area before nightfall, so pretty sure this is a bug).

Yeah, population caps are going to be a welcome change in 0.983.

And whatever you do, don't save your game if you have that many creatures. It'll likely never load again!

Dan Fedor - Founder, Blue Bottle Games

was about to report the same bug with melonheads.
also the combat with some 30+ melonhead stuck with battleicons disappearing on click.

Is this still happening in 0.983b? Also, is the game a fresh start in 0.983, or a save game from 0.982?

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fresh start from 938b but it only happened when melonheads multiplying though i didnt recheck to verify. save is gone now cause i didnt survive the melonhead assault.

I guess the melonhead spawn limits aren't working then. I'll give it a look, thanks!

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