How useful are slings?

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How useful are slings?

To me it seems like these improvised weapons are just not worth it. you either have 10 mosquito bites of dammage, or 2 moderate hits. You mcigt be able to bruise a looter, but as a wepon it seems rather week. What do you think?

Slings are quite useful to me early on. Best used once within 10 range, at least until I find enough paper.

I've taken dog men out in two rocks. Also neat because if you are over 10 range with a cart, you don't have to manually move forward one space til you get to it, you just toss in a load of small pebbles and finish em off.

When using stones, not pebbles, slings are quite effective.

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They're great to have on hand, especially if you're rockin' the ranged skill.

Keep 6-8 stones on your person at all times and it should be enough to take down or deter most threats. If it doesn't kill them then it usually makes it possible to down them in melee combat.

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thanks. Is it possible to reload a sling after throwing the two stones?

Yes. You can reload by accessing your inventory during combat and placing more stones into the sling, although this won't work if you're already within the enemy's attacking range.

If one of your enemies is using a ranged weapon then you will have to take cover before you are able to access your inventory.

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I'd like to see extra stones/pebbles held in your off-hand be counted toward your current sling ammo :)

wow thanks! I did not know you could do that.

I completely take back what i said about slings not being useful. now that i know that slings work best at ranges less than 10 they are a lot more damaging. When paired with athletic i just kite enemies until they are unconscious and then i let my broad spear finish them off. Who needs a bow when you have a sling?

I killed the Wraith with my sling. I hoarded over 200 stones/pebbles for the fight. Funny thing is, we got to 9 distance away (I don't attack unless at least within 10), I threw 1 large stone, "mauled" Merga Wraith's chest, and it died from bleeding in the lungs on his turn.

After being killed by the invincible Merga Wraith a hundred times, this was very anticlimactic. And I think I screwed up the portal encounter, because I got crap loot.

someone help me understand something, why do bows exist? everytime i try to take a bow seriosuly it take 6-9 shots to get teh target to die.

if i only fire a few in hopes itll bleed out i just get tired and i don't wanna pass out so i shoot teh bas****

i just don't see the advantage of it when stones in a sling do much much better.

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Woah, that's some serious resurrection magic you pulled there, this thread was dead and burried. XD

To answer your question, bows do have their uses. Stones are really heavy, so while slings are absolutely brilliant imo, they're still better suited as a complimentary tactic to whatever else your strategy includes. A bow and the appropriate arrow for your opponent will actually be very decent, but needs a bit of extra knowledge to work well - without ranged you will get best results from close distances. I usually aim to stay between 5-10. And yes, they're not an instant gratification weapon. But if you're playing the long and patient game, bows and arrows are even better than spears against melee opponents if your goal is to not get hit at all (or if you're fighting against potentila Blue Rot carriers). It's just that as with all things in NEO, you really have to be strategic, keep tight control on desired range and wait for the right moment to attack (when your enemy is already vulnerable) to maximize damage and minimize waste of resources.

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well i used google to find the closest thing to the topic and this was it.

questions about arrows

  • does piercing do more than penetrate a target under cover? like do they bypass armor
  • if target is not using cover are broadheads the go-to in All situations?
  • if piercing arrows DO bypass armor, are they the go-to for dogmen and such?
  • does the blunt damage on the broadhead mean the game decides to choose cut or blunt?
  • if question 4 means the game chooses, does that make piercing arrows best if you want to bleed your opponent?

typing this out made me realize something, when did the dev think it made sense that a pointed arrow would cut equally well as a the xml they have the same cut damage. broadhead would in rl do more cut damage

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I've gotten one hit kills on Dogmen with stones before, all it takes is a good thump to the head.

Bows are most useful when you possess the ranged skill because you can craft your own ammo. It just takes a few common things to make, thus I find they are effective at prolonging my gun ammo. I fire off arrows 'till

A. I run out of them, or
B. I feel the enemy is getting a little close for comfort

at which point I switch to a gun and finish them off with a shot or 2 rather then a clip or 2.

As for your question as to which arrows are best, I read on another forum that it depends on which bow your using for what arrow works best. I do know that non crude arrows will always be better then then crude ones (which are the only type you can craft)

If you are not using the ranged skill I can see how you would feel that bows are a waste of time, as ammo would be hard to come by unless you camp the ATN store and just buy out all the arrows.

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Well, you have better access to the xml than me, and much of what I know is best summed up in this thread, where Kaaven basically says this:

the "power" of an arrow mostly depends on the bow it is being shoot from:

On the weak, simple and Anishinabe bows there is no difference in penetration strength and the damage is slightly better on broad-headed arrows (of both kinds).

With strong, compound bow the broad-headed arrows of both types still have better damaging potential, but the penetration is better on crude piercing and professional broad-headed ones, that it is on crude broads. Range is also greater with this bow.

My main conclusion from that thread had been that it's a smart strategy to switch to piercing arrows once you find a compound bow, for better damage+penetration on all types of enemies.

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To me it seems, that unless you face heavily armoured opponent (DMC guard, drone) you are better with crude broadhead also with compound bow. I am still unsure with dogmen, I don't know how well "armoured" they are. As I understand, their skin have armour protection property but I am not sure if it is large enough to make difference between crude broadhead and crude piercing.

Normal broadheads are the best when used from compound bow. They have penetration of crude piercing arrow and damage of crude broadhead. But since they are rare, I would reserve them for toughest enemies.

Knowing how much damage reduction effect one unit of armour have would certainly clear few things up.