I just beat the shit out of a Dog man

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I just beat the shit out of a Dog man

I think the dog man was sleeping because i was able to sneak onto it, i managed to get close enough to hit the Dog man's body with my crowbar then i sliced an arm with my meat cleaver and the dog man died mwahaha i have no scratch this is the first time i survive a dog man encounter

That title made me chuckle :D. This game is awesome!

Once took out three dogmen. One was 30 something away, and two were within 6 meters.

Shot my bow at the closest dogman, stunned him, shot my bow at the other dogman, stunned him.

Fired at dogman 1 again stunned, then dogman 2 hit but didn't stun, saw the 'lure' option, dogman 1 unconscious, reload arrows, dogman 2 tears me a new one. Fire another shot, dogman 2 stunned, fire again unconscious... other dogman at 10 range, unload rest of arrows into him... patch myself up with some rags, then I individually kick the dogs til they each died.

I've actually managed to scare off multiple dogmen by kicking their butts with crowbars and once even a stick.
They manage to escape before I can kill them sometimes.

You've never felt like a bad ass till you kick a dogman with a stick or even your bare hands.

I tried hugging a dogman once, apperently they don't like hugs.