Issues I've Noticed with the 0.982 Beta Test Build

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Issues I've Noticed with the 0.982 Beta Test Build

First off, I love Neo Scavenger, even though I'm still with the demo version because I don't have money at the moment to buy it. However, I plan on purchasing it soon. I enrolled in the beta last night to see what improvements it made and found a couple issues.

- My whole camp site disappearing while I was sleeping. Noise traps (x2), tarp, sleeping bag, and even campfire. Nothing was stolen as I hunted down the only human in many hexes and killed him. He had nothing on him. I traced back and could not find anything yet. (I had a couple things disappear before the beta test build, but not this many things even with a noise trap)

- Enemies seem a bit more likely to run. It could of been the fact that I was tough, strong, had melee skills, and a Dogman coat, but even Dogmen and Enfield Horrors run from when I have absolutely nothing in my hands. It seems a bit odd that monsters like that would be so easily spooked. Maybe I could understand the Dogmen because I am wearing one of their kin, but Enfield Horrors don't seem like they should be that easily intimated. From the previous version, it didn't seem like everyone was so scared to fight me. This seems like no one wants to get within 30 spaces in combat of me without running away.

- Surrender also seems a bit weird with this as close by enemies, within 3-6 spaces, will surrender. I accept and then they leave without surrendering any of their things. Then it will say that they retreated from player.


Some good things I've noticed:
+ I don't know if you tweaked this or not, but from when I played without the beta test build I had over 20 different tries sometimes surviving for eight days without finding a single lighter. I could of just been unlucky. With the beta test build, I seem to find a lighter every once and awhile.

An issue that I noticed across both:
- I never die of disease from drinking water without purifying it first. I've drank so much water that I never bothered to treat, but I get nothing for my idiocy.

I tried hugging a dogman once, apperently they don't like hugs.

I haven't seen the campsite issue.

We don't know exactly how morale works, but there are a few factors that may be influencing your game:

You are Tough, Strong, skilled in Melee, wearing a dogman cape and/or clown mask.
These all have about the same weight, from what I can tell, as do most weapons.
Additionally you can act "bravely" by advancing in combat instead of retreating or taking cover.
Threatening an enemy has a large bonus associated with it -- maybe three times the bonuses above(?)
Firearms (especially the shotgun!) are scary when wielded in combat.
Proving your weapon is loaded by firing it adds additional incentive to flee.
You seem to get a minor bonus from Athletic skill. Note that using it to run may give you a "cowardly" penalty.

Basically anything that would make you think twice in real life combat has an effect on morale.
I find it interesting that these effects appear to be additive, based on my experience.
A Tough, Strong, Melee combatant appears to be 50% scarier than an average person with a shotgun.

As always, YMMV.

I had a spare minute here at the family's house, so I figured I'd pop by the forums.

The campsite issue sounds like something that appeared in v0.981, but should be fixed in v0.982. Are you using 0.981 by chance?

As for morale, as Caerold says, most of your kit is causing you to be "scary" to many NPCs. And enfield horrors are actually pretty easy to spook, according to cryptid folklore sor I gave them a lower morale.

Also, I decreased the frequency of cholera, so that could be why the disease deaths are fewer in number. Now, the water has a greater chance of causing gastroenteritis than cholera, which is non-fatal, but still causes some issues. Not boiling water is still risky, though!

Dan Fedor - Founder, Blue Bottle Games