A Letter Written in Blood

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A Letter Written in Blood

I was startled when I awoke in that building. Those noises that made it clear a threat
was about to appear had left me trembling. I didn't remember anything at all about me and about what ever was going on in the world. I didn't even know for sure that the world existed beyond that room, that some disaster hadn't destroyed everything beyond that room. All I knew for sure was that if I didn't react then I would die and such concerns would be forever beyond me. I had prepared myself for a fight and found myself falling in an instinctive stance.

The beast appeared and I began to fight the thing. I must of caught it off guard because soon it was lying dead at my feet. Its claws proving no match for me. I was injured, but I was alive and the thrill of the battle was still in my veins. Examining the room, I noticed a window that seemed to lead outside. I also found a multitool which I quickly used to cut up the beast's body. I had a coat made from the creature's hide and many chunks of raw meat. Grabbing one of the bigger chunks along
with my multitool, I climbed out the window wearing the spoils of my battle.

I had found myself in open land and felt wary of being in easy view of any who might look this way. I ended up headed to a spot wooods and making a fire. I cooked the meat. I savored the flavor of the meat. It was juicy and not all that fatty. Whatever that creature was, I decided that if I ever ran into one again that I would gladly try to kill it for its delicious meat.

Then I ended up searching a nearby town for usable things. My feet were already aching from walking around shoeless. I also wanted something more suitable for fighting than my bare hands. I knew how to fight with them, but yet I knew that I would even more powerful with a weapon in my hands. I didn't find any weapons.
I did find a shopping cart and one left shoe.

I was on my way back to the lab where I had escaped from over half a day earlier, when I caught site of a bandit. I knew once again this was to be another fight for survival. He charged me, but I advanced at him anyways. He had a knife, but I did not let that bother me. I dodged his attempts to cut me with ease and then tackled him. His head hit the ground hard. Pulling away, I quickly got to my feet and then attacked. It was a mistake and his slashing knife cut open my arm slightly. The mistake didn't matter as I lured him closer and managed to trip him up over a bit of difficult terrain. I punched and kicked him unless he was unconscious. I paused for a moment and then shrugged. I finished him off.

I found a left shoe, t-shirt, and jeans among his belongings. He along had one plastic bottle filled with water and another one empty. I drank the water. I threw both bottles into my shopping cart. I forced the second left shoe onto my right foot. It wasn't that comfortable, but it was better than betting barefoot. I put on the rest of his clothes and smiled at his corpse. He had provided me with the weapon I desire. I made an experimental slashing movement with the knife before setting off.

I ended up cooking at the meat from that beast whose hide I now wore. I then began to gather up supplies. I made traps to catch squirrels. I looted places I came across. I killed any who I came across.

It was one day, when I became trapped in an area with little forest in sight, that I resorted to something that I never thought of before. I had amassed more than a few weapons. I held my trusty crowbar at my side at all times. I was low on food supplies and sleep was hard to get. Bandits and raiders swarmed my campsite repeatedly. They would soon run off once they saw my coat, but their actions would set off my noise traps and awake me anyways. I was irritated at their antics.

I finally managed to kill one of them. I was beyond hungry at this point. My body needed food. I kept getting distracted by day dreams of the delicious meat that I had long since finished off. Death would come soon to me, if I didn't eat something. I looked at the body of the bandit that had finally ventured too close to me and my camp. It wasn't much different from any other beast I got meat from. Half a hour later, I was cooking meat over the fire. I was tentative about that first piece. The emptiness of my stomach won out.

That first bite was beyond delicious. I couldn't believe that I hadn't tried it sooner. I imagined all the missed opportunities that I wasted. No one could resist the delicious meat, if they only tried it.

I continued on. I killed and ate all those I came across. As time passed, I became more and more critical of other food besides the delicious meat. I even got another chance to sample the meat of a beast like the one I met in the lab, but found it lacking to human meat. I also began to panic at the thought of it running out. My appetite was out of control. It seemed I was hungry every other hour. I devoured countless bodies of my foes.

I found myself starving to death again. There was nothing nearby, but berries and mushroom. I lacked the materials to make a squirrel snare. I ate berries and mushroom without care to them being poisonous or not. I looted the rare cabins I found hidden in the trees and ate whatever edible things I found within. I didn't give up. My savior was a poorly armed raider that came across me while I tried to rest my failing body. He was no match for me, even in my poor health. He had on him a nanobot machine that I quickly used while I waited for my food to cook.

It was days later, when I had amassed a bounty of the precious meat, that I realized the things I had done weren't right. I had not only killed many who would of easily surrendered to me, but also had eaten their remains. I had eaten more people than I could count. The horror sank deep within me. It felt like a trance was breaking. The people who before were just competition were now people again. I found myself wondering if I could ever do anything to atone for the things I had done.

I have come to my answer today. If you read this tale, please take all the gear and supplies that you wish. Just please don't ever turn towards the easy meat of human beings. While it is plentiful in this wasteland, you'll find yourself hunting your fellow man and will end up with such atrocities committed just for your own survival that you will never find a way to atone for them.

I tried hugging a dogman once, apperently they don't like hugs.