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I think it would be a lot of fun if I could play this in some sort of multiplayer mode. It would be really interesting to play with friends also waking up in the cryo chambers next to you. You can work together to survive or you can turn on each other with the sudden but inevitable betrayal. I realize that this would probably be very difficult to balance and might ruin parts of the game but I think it might b fun a little ways down the road.

Likely impossible. Waiting for the other player to finish their turn bogs down the game play, and has never truly worked well in pen and paper games even with a DM, there just wasn't a better option for the time. Simultaneous turns is an option, but in gridded games I've never seen it work well. Sorry mate, I don't see it happening. So much would have to be added for this to be added.

I think they should put it in for playing on the same computer with your friends. They don't need to set up a server for it.

Isn't really an issue with the server, but hot seat probably wouldn't be a ton of programing. Maybe that could actually work.

maybe you could duel with a friend or other player, like who is better at fighting, you could pick more detailed skills in a pick 5 system, and some things could cost more or incapable with others, here's some ideas:

police officer: increased ranged 1 point
mma fighter: increased melee 1 point
gangster: small increased ranged and melee 2 points
solider: massive increased range and melee 4 points
thick skin: lower damage income from attackers 2 points
quick feet: faster movement in close combat 2 points
darts expert: can throw objects 3 points

these are just thing i thought of quickly
i know it would be super hard to make multiplayer, so if this was made i would be fine

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Still feels pretty 'meh' to me.

bro what about a hotseat mode?

I think it is pretty doable. P2P connection should do it fine. The thing is just how we treat the idle player. I mean, this should be designed to play with a friend, one that you can talk/text somehow, in our outside the game, and both confirm a simultaneous timed end turn action, just like LOL has for confirming match players. And probably an different char for you offline game. In my opinion it would actually bring many players to play this already fantastic game. Friends could easily play it calmly during work and such and that what is lovely about turn based games.

- Kern

I think this could work, since games like KSP and Project Zomboid have multiplayer modes (KSP has a mod, which is what this would likely turn into). One issue that stands out for a multiplayer mode is sleeping, but that could be seen as turns ending.
Another issue is the story line that's in the game currently, since it's meant for one person, not a group. If you made a multiplayer mod you might have to disable the in game story. Interesting topic for a mod!
(Also, this was one of the top voted ideas back when NS had an area to vote on wanted features. Hope it goes well!)

Rar! Rar rar rar! Thanks for reading :)

Maybe It Is Possible...
Sleeping can be fixed somehow, maybe 2 players must sleep?
Also story mode can be remade, it aint much of a deal.
Just some coding and rewriting and...designing.
Multiplayer to me doesnt seem like a good idea...

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