Water Analyzer Bug/Feature

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Water Analyzer Bug/Feature


I think I've found a nice little bug/feature of the water analyzer.

If you use the "Analyzed Water" recipe, the game will select a non-analyzed water. Performing the recipe should spit out either "water (infected)" or "water (sterilized)". If you use the "Analyzed Water" recipe, and have a lot of unidentified water, the results will be infected a lot, and then the input water will cycle back around to "water (infected)" after a short while. If you look in your inventory, the water will either be "water" or "water (infected)". If you destroy the "water (infected)" and then use the analyzer again, all the water will be sterilized. This means that the "Analyzed Water" recipe only pulls infected water (analyzed or not) if it exists, and then does sterilized. This means you can use the "Water Analyzer" to quickly determine which water is safe without ever having to boil anything.

I'll have to keep that in mind, but I thought I just had the opposite happen, got a bunch of clean results, followed by a couple infected. Honestly think it's a roll of the dice most times.

This is fixed in v0.982t, analyzed, clean water is named "water (sterilized)".

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Ok, it's just that Steam version (v0.980b) may not be the most updated.

You're correct! Check out the latest update on the front/news page for details on how to use the latest test beta version =)

Water analyzer also doesn't require electricity to function. Assuming that's a bug because there's a slot for batteries.

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That's definitely a bug.

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