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I know that the game is still a work in progress with many new and interesting items and ways to kill dinner ahem looters and all but are there any plans to make the game easily moddable ?

If I recall correctly, due to how the game is made, Dcfedor said that modding may be tricky - at the very best - thing to implement. However, should he find a decent and reasonably practical way of doing it (as in 'not requiring rewrite of most of the game'), he'll try to do something in that direction. Worst case scenario, he may kick the priority of modding up for his future games.

Thus, don't hold your breath waiting for it, but be aware that developer does like, value and hope to have modding, it may be just not overly doable right now. But who knows, maybe the situation changed or I got something wrong - if so, I am sure others will correct me.