What is your most common death?

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What is your most common death?

Hello everyone,

I've been playing this game for a few days now (it's quite addicting) and I have found that most of my deaths occur either at the very beginning (not finding or making adequate clothing, thus freezing) or when I get a bit too cocky in my character's abilities and take on too many enemies.

Most recently I acquired a nice rifle, collected 10 bullets and a composite bow with 7 crude broadhead arrows, plus a lot of other equipment, lots of meds and fully clothed. Quite happy with the findings I headed into a large clump of buildings only to be attacked by 4 bandits at close range, rather than move away I stood and fired as many bullets and arrows into them only to be tripped and repeatedly beat to death before I could stand. \o/

So out of interest, what is your most common errors resulting in death?

Either cholera (i drink like 30 water bottles when im thirsty)

Those are avoidable deaths!

Cholera - Don't drink unboiled, untested water.
Melonheads - Threaten them and they will run away.

My most common death is the kung-fu punch to the chest. Get too cocky in a fight with a broad spear versus some unarmed bandit. He gets to 1 range, but he's bleeding all over the place with cripped limbs and a concussion barefoot and pulling a sled, and I'm healthy. Instead of dodging, I just swing and miss, become vulnerable. He punches me in the chest, my lungs fill with blood, I die.

my favorite was geeing knocked out by a looter who then stole the bronze talisman and the wraith chased him away... with my talisman... so i was screwed for 3 turns before i couldn't outrun it or retreat from it anymore

Before you die due to freezeing you should have an encounter which gives you a sleeping bag. Put that sleeping bag on the ground or in a camp at the end of a turn. Don't forget to pick it up again if you leave the hex.

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Oh is that when it happens? I thought it was random.
I do take it and use it when at a camp but usually I head for the woods and die on my way there, I hate camping in the open.

You don't need to camp, just have the sleeping bag on ground or in camp when you press End Turn and pick it up again next turn. This way you can keep yourself warm while traveling.

Ran around with a clown mask before it was cool

Oh so you don't actually need to sleep? Interesting, I'll do that in future thanks.

I think there is a way to stop freezing to death at the beggining
Get strong eagle eye and trapping
kill the dogman with strong
get a multiblade with eagle eye
skin the dogman with trapping and you get a dogman fur coat.
atleast thats what i do.

My favourite loadout doesn't allow me to have eagle eye, but usually I find some shards then go back to his corpse. If I haven't killed him, hunt a few squirrels/deer to get my fluffy gear. Sometimes I'm already too frozen to actually finish making them though. But I'll try that method when I start a new character.

In v0.982t there are glass shards in the cryo facility.

Ran around with a clown mask before it was cool

You're incredibly helpful, thank you.

I usually get killed when I succumb to some (really stupid) impulse.
Like - everything is going fine, I'm all geared up and fed. Then a Dogman attacks, but I'm OK, Athletic and distance will assure my survival. And then Dogman falls to the ground, right in front to me, all fallen and recovering. Perfect chance to get away, right? Right? Then something switches my common sense off, and I try to smack him over the head with a wrench. He shakes off the recovering status and boom - I'm dead again.

Or, in another game (ranged build) - I just killed two Dogmen without receiving a scratch. Got somewhat tired during the process so, instead of looking for hideout, I decide to sleep over their bodies, because I am the king of the wasteland, right? Several turns later a marauding friend of the two dead monsters wakes me up to tell me how tasty my liver is...

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use a spear you can hit a enemy from 3 paces with the thrust.

Same with crowbar. But the crowbar is multipurpose.

At least you technically had a nice warm and comfortable makeshift bed (if was possible in game).(the dogman corpses)

Yeah, death by dogman... Everything is going nice and peachy, but then in the middle of the night - four dogmen jump you while sleeping - BAM!

Like a lot of people i get cocky and think i could take on a few melonhads or raiders then, I always die from being tackle a billion times with no chance of recovering and die, its so annoying, or when you scare a melon head off, he'll get his buddy's (army of 30 melon heads, have a pic) and demolish you.

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The most common death is death by stupidity/overconfidence. Most deaths fall under this heading, in my experience.

Without a doubt the dogman alarm clock kills me pretty often. Wakey wakey.

I always cover tracks a few squares around, hide, make noise traps, and extinguish fires before sleeping. Every once in a while somebody or a group of somebodies will stumble over you though. Not much to be done for it.

Sounds like you're taking all the appropriate precautions. Camping somewhere with multiple campsites available may also help, as there's a chance they won't find yours, especially if you choose the more secluded spot.

Yep, dogman alarm clock wiped out my last game. They started too close for me to get away.

I even take hiding and try to find camps with high concealment. I'm still not convinced it helps much though.

I die of thirst ALL THE TIME

despite having loads of bottles of water, every game at some point it suddenly locks and just skips through my turns, giving me no option to drink or eat...just sit there, turns passing, slowly dying of thirst and hunger despite having plenty of food and water...

i'm actually unsure if its a bug. last four games i've died this way. getting boring now.
i like a challenging game but simple playability surely needs to be adressed at some point.

It's the endless turn bug, not a feature :)

It should have been fixed by the latest patch... But maybe not, I'd post it in the Technical support forum if I were you.

I actually managed to get rid of the endless turn bug by reinstalling the game. Maybe try that and notice what happens if the endless turn bug happens again - are there a lot of npc's around you f.ex.?

If that happens save and quit, then continue.

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Bleeding in my lungs. XD

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I run combat builds pretty much all the time.

... Sometimes I overestimate myself.

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Definitely death by gangbang. Even if you have a brutish build that can take out a dogman in melee without taking too much abuse, 2 dogmen will mess you up. Even 2 raiders can violate you horribly unless you knock one out quicker than a hiccup. And don't get me started on those blasted melonheads...
But, yeah. Usually an ambush laid by 2 or more hostiles tends to be my demise.

Freezing was fairly common for me if I couldn't find enough things to keep me warm at the start. But now I usually start out with Eagle Eye and something to take out the Dogman and wear it's fur coat.

There's shards already at the start you can use to skin the Dogman, you don't need the multitool you get from Eagle Eye.

Personally I almost always die to lucky OHKO hits that either knock me straight away or make me bleed to death internally. I always take Melee, Tough, and Strong, and avoid combat whenever possible, but those OHKOs are still always what kill me the most by a large margin. I really wish they weren't so common.

My most common deaths are of course dying to the elements when there's absolutely no clothes around anywhere (meaning I didn't design a character simply to abuse getting the dogman coat at the start).

Other than that, it's the 50-50 battles, where you have to hope you get the first hit on an enemy or you're dead. :p

to get dogman coat you only need trapping and something to fight, like melee. You don't need that multitool, just use the shards of glass.

Yeah, but I don't always want to build a character like that. It's a massive bonus to characters who take trapping and strong/melee. Just screws anyone who doesn't.

Today's unavoidable death was a doozy.

Full health, tip top condition with some good gear, though no guns. It's early morning and I end the turn on a hill. A bandit with a scoped rifle appears from a blind hex and marches right up to me, 25 spaces away. These guys never EVER have ammo, or if they do they don't have the gun too, but I don't want to get into a scrap right now so I'll just back away...


Mauled my lower chest, I'm coughing blood and stunned, JESUS CHRIST HE'S GOT BULLETS. OK well I'm stunned now but next turn I better get into cov..


You have died of heart failure.



Don't you just love that? :3

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If the enemy has a gun - always duck. I took enough headshots to know that now :D

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I'll have to in future, though this guy was a good two weeks into running around in the wilderness and this was the first (and last) time he'd ever been shot at. It was unfortunate that I'd used all his ammo only the night before re-enacting Dog Soldiers otherwise I could have at least shot first.


Raider 1: where'd you get that crummy rifle?
Raider 2: someplace.
Raider 1: yeah well i bet it can't stop a low-flow toilet
Raider 2: are you kidding me? this gun has awesome stopping power, look
spots player


Raider 2: see that? his heart wanted to continue beating and it stopped it


This conjured the funniest mental picture when I imagined your avatar as your in-game character.

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Well my most common error(aka death) is to get cocky after surviving a few days without any serious trouble and walking too far "off" early.
I am able to keep me fed and have enough bottles of sterilized water around. I sleep well with my sleeping pills too.
Weapons en masse. I can scare off all humanoid enemies(at one point 2 of them raiders approached me and we started a fight, at first i thought, thats it, but after standing up after being beaten rather hard i tried to scare them away and the fools really ran! :-D )
But on the next day a dogman decides to walk towards me out of nowhere just to rip me apart.
Well, the first dogman encounter, whenever it appears, is mostly my last, can't tell why. :-s

if you can, sprint from it, lure it into traps and if all else fails try to soften it up at range. it doesn't matter what you use, a shotgun, rifle, bow, sling, a shoe; don't let it close any distance without it taking fire or damage. you will not win a short range encounter with it at its full strength and/or in a short range situation (cities,towns,woods). and god forbid if it comes to it take the bronze amulet off for a combat round when it bolts put it back on. Wraiths can sometimes be your friends just don't let them hug you

Thanks for the tips, i didn't know about the amulet, i've never put it off so far.

just remember to put it back on
the wraith will kill you once it gets into range and there will be little time to save yourself. most times it spawns 3 spaces away so put distance and equip once you do it should run away.

a word of warning it will stalk you throughout the map from then on in. it is possible to kill it at least there have been reports that you can kill it with some luck and a gun but i've faced it down multiple times and the results always the same it either gets me or i manage to get the amulet on in time. as far as i know its the only way to get rid of it

My new death source are DMC guards... they shoot and then ask "friendy?" that reminds me DayZ. =)

Same I was at the tent city thing out side of the DMC at least 2 hexes and the DMC leader comes in and shoots me in the leg! So then after he asks the cease fire and he walked away and not even 2 turns later he comes back and does the same thing! So I had to use al of my money to get supply's and heal my self but of coarse I got an infection. Witch leads me to my most common death... Sepsis ya sepsis I have died from it like 10 times.

And to talk about the dog man thing I have once out side the DMC fought a dog man with the multitool blade and won!!!
I don't know how I did it but I won after like 10 min of fighting

the only time i won against a dog man in melee combat was this time i forgot that i had a shotgun with ammo. go figure right?
any who i was staying in a town spot and the thing approached at night. first i freaked tried to run and failed, badly. so i turned and used the melee weapon on hand which was a crowbar. i somehow landed a hit first try and bonked it on the head; it was stunned! but my crowbar fell apart! so i tackled it and began kicking it until it was dead. it never scored a hit on me.

i tried this again later and the dogman killed me in 3 combat turns, which was literally charge, surge, surge, you have died from cardiac arrest. you're right your heart would stop after being ripped from your chest. :D

Crowbars come in handy. Surprisingly if I am in good condition I can take on a dogman without a scratch. I can only take more than one at a time if I have a loaded gun. (Take out the closest one then beat the crap out of the second one.

Hypotermia and Dogmen

and I just found a PW water tester too :(

Hypothermia (sorry)

he was shivering when he typed that :D

When I first started I get killed accidentally by Cholera alot (like 3 of my first 5 was it), mostly because I clicked too fast when I had them and I ended up ran myself into a dry husk.

Then I got better at the game, and I got killed by more things less.

Finally I managed to get a good character going, like full DMC set, 18K in cash, 3 boxcarts filled with goods and oh so many bullets.

Last 42 days until I changed to 0.984. And BAM!


(Like less than two game days in its not even funny...... Okay it kinda is, but still......)