More descriptive death / injuries

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More descriptive death / injuries

Dwarf fortress has really interesting damage/ death details.No need for detailed art, but some thing more than 'you were kiiled by [X]."a four eyed mutant duck gores you with it's razor sharp talons. Blood spurts forth from you jugular, and the rest of the flock descents and you gurgle in pain as the rest of the flock descends upon you.You were crippled >> a strange thug draped in squirrel pelt, carefully sewn into a clown suit swings a rust covered cleaver and catches you in the calf. severeing tendons, leaving you unable to blah blah blah.Not always something you spend a lot of time reading, but could add additional colour. 


I agree. Chris mentioned something along those lines as well. I always kinda liked the combat log in Fallout, so maybe I can work something like that into the proceedings. E.g. "your monkey wrench crumples the looter's skull like a wet paper bag."Plus, that system sounds like fun to both design and write for :)

Dan Fedor - Founder, Blue Bottle Games

OMG.. I'm so happy to see this as a possibilities. It does sound interesting to do. If you're really into this, it could be possible to add this to item description as well. Scratch on the handle, notched blade etc, stuck wheel, etc. Whenever you use the weapon/item a certain way, adjust durability and add one of these permanent effect to the item description. Each items then have the stories of what you achieved with it. (Just an idea)