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Great catches, folks. Thanks! It looks like there are some good, reproducible bugs listed here, so I'll cruise through this list soon to see what I can fix.

Thanks for the posts, and for those that are helping with workarounds!

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I bought your game on steam, and made this account just to report this :)
when analyzing water via the water tester by selecting it through the known recipes menu, it will ALWAYS find the infected water first... when its out of infected water to test, it will continue to add infected water to the crafting menu. once the infected water is removed, there will ALWAYS only be sterile water remaining. this isnt game breaking or a serious issue, but it makes analyzing water much faster, and saves on the water testers durability

Interesting! I can see why that would happen, since the quick-recipe feature tries to find the ingredients in a certain order. I'm not sure if I can make it choose them in a random order, but I'll take a look. Thanks!

Dan Fedor - Founder, Blue Bottle Games
I don't know exactly the trigger of lady appearing.
After trying some new games going straight to Strange Forest,I got a set of the items and didn't be banned to outside the Forest.I could repeat the encounter thoroughly and got a set twice.
I think getting two free DMC passes would be exploitation.
I suspect save and continue in Strange Forest encounter make the encounter repeatable.

That encounter should definitely not repeat, so I'll take a look. Thanks!

Dan Fedor - Founder, Blue Bottle Games

The interface says "Q" is the hotkey for both items screen and main map, the latter is wrong and needs redefinition (Escape would be nice).

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Heya, Vidar here, just died of heatstroke while sleeping in a dense thicket while under sedatives and perscription pain killers. I slept normally for the first couple of 'turns' then my sleep bar was full, but I stayed asleep and eventually died of heatstroke/organ failure. It made me rather sad as I just earned my fourth gun. :/ [ I was really making a good stockpile!] Anywho, just thought I should bring that up. If nothing else can we be forced to wake if temperature conditions change to a 'worse' condition?

Oh! And I did note a bit of lag after my sleep bar filled all the way and the infinite death sleep occurring.

Edit: Running .982B

@Malacodor, I must've been thinking the player would always be in the Items screen when I typed that. Hitting the hotkey for the current screen will toggle between it and the map, and Q is the items screen.

I can bind a key to show map no matter which screen we're on, but it can't be Escape. The Escape key is reserved in Flash, and will automatically exit fullscreen no matter what. (Hence the "F1" hotkey for the main menu.) Maybe TAB, Z, or F?

@Vidar, uh oh. That's no good. I thought I had made shivering/overheating reduce sleepiness, but maybe not enough? Also, doesn't extreme overheating cause unconsciousness? Maybe slight overheating should wake player, but heating above that causes them to pass-out?

Dan Fedor - Founder, Blue Bottle Games

@Dan, This has only happened the once, but it is still a little extreme. For a more detailed run down, I went to sleep in my trees, sleeping bag 'n all. I apparently warmed up a little, I wasn't worried about it as my sleep bar was nearly filled, and the game was under severe lag, which happens rarely, so I wasn't worried about that either, I stepped away from my screen for a moment and found myself heating up a lot and then dead. I do feel like a force-awake would be a little over-kill. And if I didn't mention it before, I was on sedatives. Though I am reminded of the times when I was younger that I would wake up in a sweat because I over-did the blankets. so I'm really at an empasse here, with my opinion on force-awake v the alternative [ not sure how to word it]

I'd prefer Tab.

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If I click "Stretch" in the main menu I'm asked if I want to keep these settings. Choosing "cancel" doesn't work. Cancelling resolution changes or "Fullscreen" works properly.

Ran around with a clown mask before it was cool

@Vidar, that is a tough question. I have a note to self to look into it. I'll have to see if the player wakes under normal conditions or not. If the sedatives are what cause sleeping to death, then that might be okay :)

@Malacodor, ugh, that damned title screen. Those controls are so fiddly. I'm going to have to earmark a day to overhaul a bunch of stuff there, to make it more reliable. Thanks for the heads-up!

Dan Fedor - Founder, Blue Bottle Games

I was trying to charge night vision goggles and in my confusion clicked use on an unlicensed power tap. The night vision goggles remained on the grid, visibly covering a portion of the unlicensed power tap, and could not be clicked or interacted with. When I moved to another hex the image of the night vision goggles remained in the same place on the item grid but could not be moved or interacted with. This was true for all hexes I moved to until I save & quit the game and returned. At this point the night vision goggles were removed from the item grid and did not appear in any of the hexes I had visited since the bug began.

This bug also occurred with a crowbar which remained in the hand it was equipped in when the bug started. I don't know what action prompted the bug in this instance but the crowbar stopped being interactable and remained visible under items equipped in the hand it was in. This bug occurred in the demo and so ended when I died.

Following the night vision glitch bug all areas I attempt to loot have a loot bar of zero, regardless of the number of items or skills used on them. Saving and quitting does not fix this problem, but it did not occur with the spear glitch and may be a distinct bug.

If you still are near DMC that's normal.

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This is kind of irrelevant now, but, if ever you lose your items like that, particularly after crafting, always check the campsites on that hex, sometimes they get scooted there if the ground is too full. The only way I've been able to clear an extremely similar bug is to end the .exe and come back.

Attempted to combine a quality torch (unlit) and a medium campfire (stoked). Items appeared on combine menu but disappeared from "on the ground" grid. When I clicked back to the combine screen I had doubles of all of the items that had been on the ground. Items continued to not appear on the ground. Saved & quit my game and returned and items were all visible but had multiplied again.

Removed a box from a backpack in one hand and set it into the other hand to remove a first aid kit from the box. When I clicked the first aid kit into my other hand over the box it disappeared. Putting the box down onto the main grid also made it disappear. I quit & saved my game and resumed. The box was in fact on the ground with everything in it but the first aid kit did not return.

@Falcc, check to make sure that you didn't drop it on the ground, accidentally put it in another container, or a container inside of a container [ pill bottle inside a first aid kit inside a box, for example] a vehicle, or a campsite at your location. I've though I've ' lost ' many items only to find it in my camp site, and if possible save, quit, and reload, there are a few graphics bugs too.

So i have a base in the cryo lab. 2 bandits wandered in followed by some melonheads who called for friends(i think? new to the game)

i noticed after a few turns of fighting the game was slower and slower to respond to a turn action and then i noticed TONS of melonheads had arrived.

eventually it was taking the game nearly 30 seconds to proccess a turn.

I decided to escape to save myself and look here:

Yeah, that bug should be fixed very soon.

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No idea if this is a bug or just a graphical issue but the new khaki cargo shorts look unbelievably huge on the character in the player inventory menu. (Funny comment regarding this:Dem Fat Pants)

I am using 0.983b and I found a bug with the balaclava. When the balaclava is equipped, it cannot be removed! Now my character always looks like a headsman :(

Thanks for the bugs, guys! Just a heads-up, this is the thread of 0.982 bugs. The 0.983 bugs are listed here. Well, there and a few other threads, but that's the most comprehensive collection.

I've got these two recorded, thanks!

Dan Fedor - Founder, Blue Bottle Games

got to Haggerty Health Clinic and had a glitch/crash (can't "back up" to previous navigation; saving/going to main menu ends up with the character in the same position)

i successfully backed off from the diner when i didnt try to buy something w/o $, but tried to buy something in the clinic so maybe that triggered it? searched for Haggerty but couldn't find any threads.

running version .0982 (Adobe 11 the window says), downloaded off of steam. this game has a lot of promise -- i'm looking forward to further developments!

Maybe it's just me... but I find enemies with guns (bandits and raiders) to be surprisingly cowardly and ineffectual. As a new character (with Tough, Ranged, a Broad Spear, and little else of relevance), I've had several fights now where I've charged down rifle-owners at range 10 or so and stabbed them to death, while they attempted to do nothing but run, or ineffectually club at me with their loaded guns.

I mean, I can understand them being total cowards and offering to surrender unsolicited after I've acquired some guns, and a Dogman Fur Coat, and I begin the fight by shooting at them... but that's not how my games start, where even as a practically naked guy with a spear, I can still chase down and murder gunmen without risk. Something seems off about that.

@Ralf, do you mean that you are stuck in the encounter with no way to exit? Do you have a save file I could try?

@Endovior, are you using 0.982? If so, there might be some AI changes in 0.983 (as well as the upcoming 0.984) which affect what you're seeing. Let's see if that improves things. (There is at least one AI bug involving loaded weapons that I'm fixing.)

Dan Fedor - Founder, Blue Bottle Games

That's correct, I'm currently using 0.982, as 0.983 hasn't auto-updated on Steam, and I wasn't aware it was publicly available. Reading back through game news though, I guess it is, and I just need to tweak a setting to get in on that. Guess I'll do that after my next death.

Not sure if this has been mentioned yet, on last nights play through I noticed that after boiling water to sterilise it, it wouldn't automatically move from the ground into a bottle in my inventory when I selected it (after chaining the curser to auto move with the "1" key), I'd have to manually move it from my inventory into the bottle.

The "khaki cargo shorts" are way bigger then my person, the top is touching my elbows, the sides are in the pants inventory slot, and the bottom of the pants are covering the shoes.

Have this happen to anybody else?

It happened to everybody else.

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Not wanting to take up too much space in this thread, I've made a seperate post on an odd inventory bug.

Meanwhile, the dying from overheating while using sleeping pills kinda makes sense, though it does seem somewhat .. extreme.

So I thought, maybe make it so that the hotter you get, the higher the chance of breaking sleep state.
Meanwhile, sleeping pills work the opposite way, they make breaking the sleep state less likely


Make it so the effect of the sleeping pills vane after a while - A mitigating effect, if you want.
ie. they're strongest at hour 1, then slightly less on second hour ... etc. etc, until they wear off entirely after .. say, 5-6 hours.

That way, as you heat up, and the pills vane off, there's a better and better chance of a person waking up and saving his own hide, if something really is wrong. Now, that almost make the sleeping pills "non-dangerous" but you could still have stuff like 'delerious from overheating' and 'weakened from heat' state, even if you do wake up before dying from overheating. It gives the player a chance to fight back, if you will.

Thus sleeping pills can still be detrimental, but with .. less .. chance of heatdeath.
Possibly add similar states if you're starving to death / severely dehydrated / bleeding a lot, again so you're less likely to sleep until death without the chance of doing something about it - As there's nothing more frustrating than a sudden death you couldn't do anything about.

Ah well, it's just pixels.
Mean .. Nasty .. pixels, that're trying to kill ya.

I've made note of the sleeping pills issue. Ideally, drug effects would wane over time, as you suggest. In fact, some of the painkillers do already. If there's time, it'd be cool to make others do the same.

Speaking of drug changes, I've also wanted to include overdose effects in the game. I finally added code to support this, but I haven't had time to add this to any drugs yet. It might happen, though.

@scribble, this might be a necessary inconvenience. I could search the player's inventory for a container when any new item created by crafting. However, I wonder if it might cause confusion. (especially if the container is in camp, or nested inside a backpack, etc.) At least this way, players can see all new items on the ground.

Dan Fedor - Founder, Blue Bottle Games

Hrm ... I don't know how you have coded it, but methinks it shouldn't be too complicated to make stuff wane / strengthen over time without having to make a million lines of code. :)

Basically, if I was coding it, I would use affect stacks since it's turn based.

ie. A sleeping pill add 10 to sleepiness, being fatigues might add another 10, and overheating would start at 1 and build up by one per turn. Thus you'd get something like this :

Turn : 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 ----------------------------------------------------------------- Drowsiness : 10 9 8 7 6 5 4 3 2 1 Sleep Pills : 10 8 6 4 2 0 0 0 0 0 Overheating : -1 -2 -3 -4 -5 -6 -7 -8 -9 -10 ----------------------------------------------------------------- Difference : +19 +15 +11 +7 +3 -1 -3 -5 -7 -9

As you can see, the difference drops fairly quickly and then flattens out somewhat as the turns pass by.
I made Sleeping Pills go away twice as fast as drowsiness, but add the same maximum at the first hour.
The more positive the value is, the more slepy you are, and the less likely you are to wake up.
And offcourse, the more negative the difference is, the more likely you are to wake up.
Thus the more different affects that add to the positive values, the less likely you are to wake up.
Here I only listed drowsiness and pills, I'm sure more could be added, like, say drowsiness from infections.

Meanwhile, the more overheated you are once you finally wake up (if you do), the more severe the affect that you end up will be.

-1 might be a bit uncomfortable.
-3 might be severely weakened from heat, increased thirst rate.
-5 might be delirious from, seriously need water - NOW!
-8 might be borderline from passing out from fever.
-10 could be death from overheating.

Gives the player a fighting chance, y'know ?
Same system could be used for other affects as well.

Ah well, it's just pixels.
Mean .. Nasty .. pixels, that're trying to kill ya.

You're right that it's not too complicated. As I said above, some drugs already do this (painkillers).

The trick is finding the time to work on this, since this is one change among many suggested changes. I have a pretty long list of good ideas and bugs that need fixing, so I do my best to "triage" them based on how critical they are.

I like the idea, though, so it's on my list!

Dan Fedor - Founder, Blue Bottle Games