Known Bugs as of 0.982

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Known Bugs as of 0.982

The following is a list of known bugs that have not yet been fixed in NEO Scavenger v0.981. If you're encountering a bug in the game that isn't listed here, please post about it in the forums!

Known Bugs:

  • Mac Version Won't Run - Some users have reported that the Mac version won't run, often resulting in an error message saying the file is "Damaged" or similar. This appears to be the case with certain versions of OSX and Gatekeeper. This thread discusses several solutions which seem to help.
  • Fullscreen on Linux - Using fullscreen on Linux causes the keyboard to be ignored, unless playing the game in Chrome. Unfortunately, this is because Adobe is only updating Flash for Chrome on Linux moving forward. I'll have to see if there's a workaround for downloaded versions.
  • Esc Key Exits Fullscreen - The "Esc" key will exit fullscreen. If you wish to access the main menu, "F1" will also work without exiting.

Dan Fedor - Founder, Blue Bottle Games

freezing occur during sleep with version b can enter menu but as soon as i hit continue it frozen and must reboot. can still do alot of non sleeping options. it occur during the night with my insomia character trying to get full sleep. so far it appears to be full sleep is starts frezzing and full sleep frozen after entering menu and hitting continue.

Thanks sil. Looks like I introduced an error in 0.981. I'm taking a look now, and I hope to have a fix (or revert) tomorrow.

Dan Fedor - Founder, Blue Bottle Games

well if its an consolation i found a way around this by save and quit and do something else and this tend to buy me a while it start freezing again however the very lastest update i just got also tend to freeze during a loading encounter trigger.

Another bug from me now to me this I discovered a while ago when I was a akimbo rifle grip shooting, slayer of anything that pissed me off and had a really hard time finding food. But for first one the shotgun is bugged where the name says hunting rifle instead when in the inventory screens. That leads up to the next bug or it could be the same as I said I had a hunting rifle in one hand and a shotgun in the other and both were loaded, basically in an encounter with a creature if I used one of the weapons it basically made both of them use ammo.

The "hunting rifle" issue might be normal, as weapons are given generic names if you're missing the ranged skill. E.g. "hunting rifle," and "some bullets."

The dual-wield causing both guns to discharge sounds like a bug though!

Dan Fedor - Founder, Blue Bottle Games

No offense the only thing to me that makes sense about the player mistaking the shotgun for the hunting rifle is that they both appear to be pump action.

Ok, the new 0.982 "test" build has been uploaded, and can be downloaded via links just below the Flash plugin on the beta page. Both demo and beta Flash versions are also 0.982. The older, more stable 0.980 is still available as a download, as well.

0.982 should solve many of the freezing issues we've been seeing, plus has some new play balancing changes. The beta 0.982 has new content, too.

Sorry about the issues with 0.981, and hopefully we get the best of both worlds now!

Dan Fedor - Founder, Blue Bottle Games

so far after 3 hour of gameplay all the old bugs are fix and looks like this is a keeper.

0.982 "test" pushed continue and got dcfedors save =) nice

Binoculars+Single scope is stacked on necklace section (can be worn simultaneously)
tinypic.c o m/ r /2j0if44/5

I don't think this is a bug, tbh! The game limits necklace wearing to a maximum of two of any combination of binoculars and scopes, anyway. I consider wearing two binoculars a status of wealth, actually. that bling, ykwis?

odinsreaver is right, it's not a bug. But the limit for the necklace slot is three items, not two.

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Correct me if I'm wrong; but when you get your eyes done at the clinic (Removing Myopia), is the Myopia gone from your skills and replaced with the surgery trait + eagle vision?

Edit: Is it removed via sleeping or resting, or both? Because in my .982 game it's not coming off and it's already a week in; game time.

You keep Myopia, so you won't lose the skill connected to it. You get an eye surgery "trait" which negates Myopia and adds an additional skill slot, which is filled with Eagle Eye. This means your view bonus goes from -1 to +1.

I don't understand what your edit refers to.

Ran around with a clown mask before it was cool

When i end turn by pressing spacebar something strange is happen - my character is freezing and i continue skipping turns until he died from thirst or something. Anybody anybody experienced such bug?
P.S. Sorry for my english, i`m russian

Sounds like you have version 0.980b. That's a know bug that should be fixed in v0.982t, which is available as test version.

Ran around with a clown mask before it was cool

Yes, i have 0.980b. Glad i'm not the only one with this bug, thanks

I went to empty out my perfectly fine plastic bag, and it destroyed my priceless pair of binoculars! Everything in the bag has disappeared, never to be seen again. (This is in the most recent Beta test link you provided).

You can try moving out of the hex and then returning. It might be a known issue, where items on the ground inventory sometimes don't refresh as they should.

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Glad to hear 0.982 is holding up okay, and thanks everyone for helping those in need here!

The disappearing binoculars in the plastic bag could be a few things.
1 - Did you mis-click "destroy" instead of "empty out?"
2 - Was the ground already full when you did it? That might cause emptied items to have no space, and be deleted.
3 - Were you on the camp screen (or other non-ground screen) when you emptied? The items would then go off-screen to the ground.
4 - Kaaven's suggestion is a known issue, where items sometimes get stuck off-screen until leaving and returning to the hex.

Looks like my family's gathering for a meal now, so I have to run. Thanks again, guys!

Dan Fedor - Founder, Blue Bottle Games

minor text bug:
First page of Hatter introductory dialog: "Back outisde, you cross the muddy..."

--> outside

I am still using .980 but I'll post these here as I did not see these mentioned as fixed in the last update;

If I spy on a bandit and the activity is "heading southest" is that a typo on southeast or a typo on southwest? Or does it mean the bandit swings both ways?

If I get the telescopic sight enhancement shouldn't that mean I don't need to use binoculars to see the extra hex? Because it does not seem to give me the bonus.

I have been able to use the digital water tester without batteries (therefore, charges) in it. Freebies are great, thanks.

I have never seen the "lure" attack (trapping skill) fail. Not once. Ever. Not sure if this is a bug, but it seems a bit overpowered if it always hits.

A pill bottle + string + another pill bottle can be used as a noise trap. Would you consider that a bug, that a bottle can use another bottle or the same bottle to become a noise trap?



Back "outside" rather than "outisde."

Not a bug. You bind two pill bottles together, and if someone inadvertently kicks it off it makes noise.

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Also, I reported that text bug 2 posts above you. A screenie was a good idea, but let's try not to break the forum's bounds next time by posting a link or smaller version, okay? :)

Nah, the real bug is that noise traps have the container property, which means you can use a noise trap to build a noise trap to build a noise trap....

Crude arrows work the same way, as do shivs, torches (LOTS of exploits with these two due to stacking and small size/weight) and shopping carts. You haven't exploited unintentional stacking until you've used two whole shopping carts and a shopping cart frame to make ONE box cart. Mechanics are magicians, I tell ya!

D, you might wanna consider adding a "heavy" property for things over a kg or just forbid properties "large" and "very large" from recipes that create objects under a half a kg.

Noob, real pros craft a rough splint out of HVAC, Cryo Lighting and a branch, or carve an arrow out of a monkey wrench with a shard. ;-)
(Both is fixed now, though)

Ran around with a clown mask before it was cool

Noob, real pros boil their bandages in m*f*ing ketchup! ^_^

I can also boil my rags in tea, but that's not nearly so impressive.

D, you really need to add property 56 (Water) onto ingredient 29

table name ="ingredients"
"nID" 29
"strName">Water (any)
"strRequiredProps" 27 & 29
"strForbidProps" 39

This is just a continuation of the same issue folks had before you forbid "infinite" water sources from being consumed here.

i forgot where i saw(not helpful) this but sometime you could put say a 2x2 item then put another 2x2 item 1 layer inside the item and poof you save a 2 slots.

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Okay, just had another user on Steam forums confirm a bug I saw a couple days ago with v0.982. We made camp with noise traps and tarp shelters in a dense thicket (new camp type for v0.981 IIRC). After Hiding (I didn't have the Hide skill, nor did he) all the items in the camp screen vanished, but the hex still had a tent icon. No other campsite options were present. Save/reload fixed the issue and he immediately reproduced after Hiding again.

This seems to be a reminant of the issues from new campsite in v0.981

(Thanks to Crushfield on Steam forums for help in identifying the reproduction steps for this bug)

I see the disappearing camp items bug is already documented - the save/reload fix worked for me, thanks for the tip!

When you disassemble arrows that have already been fired (50% or less condition) you often get back twice the original ingredients. This may or may not involve the auto-stacking mechanism in the crafting table. I have confirmed that 6 scraps of paper, 2 medium branches, 2 glass shards, 2 string are received on breaking apart a single crude broadhead arrow. I think this has been a bug for several versions now, but I haven't seen it reported before.

As reported in another thread, the new RFID software isn't consistent.
Currently all hacking software has MonetaryValue 6 and MonetaryValueAlt 60.
All other lamp, GPS, etc software has both those fields set to zero.

Looks like the new RF1:D RFID Spoofer Software (Smartphone) was copied from the former,
but the RF1:D RFID Spoofer Software (Tablet) was copy/pasted from the latter.

It doesn't really make sense, so I'd recommend picking one and using that value for both.

I've got another one for you with item properties. I've reported before that noise traps retain their container property (despite not being used as containers) so you can craft them recursively, endlessly. I've got another problem with the same recipe. The game specifies "small or medium, rigid container" but it only locks out large containers. It wasn't updated to exclude "very large" containers like the sled or shopping cart. This means you can pack up a shopping cart in a 4x3 0.20 kg bundle with just a twig and some string. I think you really need to add "very large" to this and any other recipe that specifies no "large" ingredients.

When putting a (clean)bandage on a wound on I clicked the bandaged wound with another bandage. This consumed/made one of the bandages disappear. Just confirmed it now it happened with dirty bandages also. It only works when the bandage you are putting on top of the other one has more than one stack.
Dont know if this is reported or intentional or even that much of an issue but thought i should let you know regardless :)
Enjoying the game btw. Keep up the good work.


Thanks for collecting and documenting the bugs here, guys! Looks like I have my work cut out for me when I return to the office Thursday. I think I'll probably promote 0.982 to the default version when I get back, as that's still an improvement over 0.980, and then start working on fixes for these, and new content.

Dan Fedor - Founder, Blue Bottle Games

There is a bug where the sleeping bag disappear from the campsite once you click hide. but was able to retrieve it back once i clicked a diff hex and came back to the campsite. but is not able to retrive the sleeping bag back one time once I encounterd an creature when i was sleeping. there's also another bug where when u click the scrap of paper that is stacked with 2 or more scraps of paper, and click another item with it, the items disappear D:

I was able to fix a campsite bug this morning which seems like it might be related. I think it happens when saving the game in a hex with the non-default camp installed.

The scrap stacking bug you refer to might be related to the above (the game tends to get buggy after the above issue happens, until the game is closed and restarted), or it could be related to a different issue with dropping items onto other items causing them to swap. I have this latter issue on my bug list, too.

Thanks for the heads-up!

Dan Fedor - Founder, Blue Bottle Games

Been experiencing a bug on and off, though it's now happened after 3 or so restarts (after copying over the save file).

I try to craft a small campfire (friction) - whether by selecting the recipe or by manually selecting each ingredient. After clicking confirm, instead of making the fire, the game "consumes" my trapping skill (it disappears from the crafting screen entirely, until I exit/re-enter the interface), leaves the medium stick and kindling, and takes up a portion of my remaining movement.

Also, I'm still experiencing the "disappearing campsite bug" that other users have reported. It's fixed by saving/reloading, but is nonetheless frustrating when it happens - reloading saves seems to create prominent tracks in my character's current hex, despite there not being any before (though I think this is unrelated to the campsite bug, and happens on all of my reloads).

I'm running version .982b through Steam.

Hey CrabClaw,

Do you happen to still have that save handy? If you could share it via DropBox (or similar), it'd be interesting to take a look at it inside the debugger. Maybe I can figure out what's triggering both issues.


Dan Fedor - Founder, Blue Bottle Games

I PM'ed you a link to the save; leaving it in my comment triggered the spam blocker.

I just went in and re-checked for the crafting issue, and it is still occurring. One change, though - it no longer seems to take up my movement upon crafting failure. I may have been mistaken in the initial report last night.

I'm not entirely sure under which conditions my campsite disappears. It's happened before after scavenging the same hex, accessing my inventory, or trying to sleep there, so yeah. Not sure exactly what the trigger is - thankfully, it is a pretty sporadic bug.

Also, not sure if it's a factor in regard to my bugs, but I'm running NeoScav from a second drive (index E: - it holds my entire steam library), but it still saves under "C:/Users/etc etc.." on my main drive. Saving and loading still [mostly] works as intended, though.

Anyway, great game, and thanks for the quick response.

Cool, thanks for the save file! I'll take a look tomorrow when I'm back at work.

I think you should be safe operating NEO Scavenger from a different drive than the save file. I do most of my development and testing on a different drive than C:, so if that stops working, I'll be the first to know :)

Thanks again!

Dan Fedor - Founder, Blue Bottle Games

I gave that save file a try, CrabClaw. So far, I've been able to craft a small friction fire without incident. However, I see a few weird data fields in your save file (e.g. your current weapon has unrelated text data assigned to its descriptor), which might be a sign that your game hit a bug earlier on.

My current theory is that something bugged-out in your game prior to your crafting attempts, and the crafting issue was just the first visible symptom. Usually, if there's a null-pointer bug, the game's memory addresses start getting mixed up, so the game starts looking in the wrong places for info. It might even be the camping bug that caused this issue, though I wasn't able to replicate the disappearing camp yet, either.

In any case, there's definitely a bug in your save. Just not sure what caused it!

Dan Fedor - Founder, Blue Bottle Games

For the disappearing camp, you have to hide in a hex in a building or something, then it gives you different camp options.

ex: i put my sleeping bag in the red building, then i hid to be less notice able, but it change to the blue building with no sleeping bag. to get back to the red building you have to unhide and move a hex away, then when you come back, you get the red building with for stuff.

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I'm playing on the browser version on the website and I've noticed 3 errors so far.
1. I went back to the cyro building after about 20 turns and entered. When I used the window, the "You leave the cyro facility" message showed up and when I hit the continue button, it brought me back into what was on the ground in the cyro facility. This repeated 4 or 5 times and made me unable to exit into the map. Around the 6th time it finally brought me out to the map.

2. I tried to use a deer corpse, trapping, and a glass shiv in the crafting menu to get meat and hides. Instead the result was a glass shiv and dirty rags. Not quite sure how that works.

3. When you go into extra room in the cyro facility, you can examine the broken heater and broken light in it. If you do you can get a paper with the recipe to fix them. You can do this over and over and over as many times as you want. It basically becomes a unlimited supply of free paper to use for things like arrows.
Sorry if any of these errors were already known

2. The item combination you describe results in two possible recipes, one is skinning the deer and the other is disassembling the shiv into a glass shard and a dirty rag (or whatever the shiv was made of). You can switch between possible recipes with little orange arrows on the top right of the lower crafting box.

Ran around with a clown mask before it was cool

Maybe it's already mentioned, but I got 2 talisman when I reversed my crude arrow made with gold talisman.

v0.982b, Win8 desktop client

Sometimes stacks of Medium string will overlap other items in the backpack when swapping/placing items. I have a screencap but it looks like uploading pics isn't enabled on this forum.

Also, I tried to save to fix the disappearing camp bug, and I'm getting "Error: Unable to save". (My camp did eventually come back after I un-hided, left the hex and returned.)

I had problems saving at first because I have Flash Player set to block all sites from storing information on my PC. If you have it set the same you can go to Flash Player options in the Control Panel, under the Storage tab click Local Storage Settings by Site, scroll down to the website listed as "local", click it, and then set the drop down box at the bottom of the menu to Allow.

I know this is discussed elsewhere but I figure its a good idea to have all bugs in one place :

If you save the game, the cryo facility loses its special status and bandits can enter the hex and rob your stuff.

Apologies if already posted, I had shot a deer with a broadhead arrow, which it proceeded to rip out and arm itself with. I'm assuming that's only WAD for tool using species and not for a deer, lol.